My Bachelorette Party!

This is the start of me finally posting about all of my fun wedding festivities that occurred! Today I will write about my bachelorette party, and later I will write about our rehearsal dinner, then our wedding, and finally our honeymoon! (I know, about time right?)

My bachelorette party was the night before the rehearsal dinner, so I was definitely super excited to get married, and everything was finally coming together. This party might seem weird to most of you, but it was absolutely PERFECT for me! My maid of honor, Marlee, definitely did good planning this for me! I guess I could say she knows me pretty well! 🙂 Love this pretty lady!

2013-07-11 14.18.59

Krystal was my only bridesmaid who couldn’t make it, but she had work and her three kiddos to take care of that night, so I completely understood! But since she won’t be in any of the pictures, here is a picture of me with my beautiful sister-in-law so that y’all know how much I love her!

K, Brig, and me wedding

Krystal is the one on the left, I couldn’t find one of just me and her. Brigette is on the right and is another one of my beautiful sister-in-laws!

We started out the party by going to the park for some yoga!

yoga 2 bachelorette Yoga Bachelorette

One of my favorite instructors and coworkers, Sarah, from the gym I worked at in college came and taught an hour long yoga class for us outside. It was so fun! It was a great workout, and I think the heat outside made me like it even more! It definitely made me want to try hot yoga sometime!

After yoga we all went and changed into some cuter clothes, touched up our makeup and hair, and tried to hide our smell with some perfume before heading to dinner.

I had no idea where we were going, but I was pleasantly surprised when we showed up at a Japanese steakhouse. It was one of those fun places where everyone sits around a table, and they cook the food in front of  you. Not only do I think dinners like this are so fun, but the food is always so good! Marlee and I split a plate that came with chicken, salmon, rice, veggies, soup, and salad! Sadly, I didn’t get a picture, but trust me, it was good. My lovely, soon to be sister-in-law, Kaleigh, was sweet enough to take some pictures of the whole night so I didn’t have to worry about it.

bachelorette group

Brigette had to fly in so she couldn’t make it in time for yoga, but she showed up to the restaurant at the same time as us, so it was perfect timing! Above is the whole group! Aren’t my bridesmaids beautiful? I love each of them so much!

me catching food

This is a very lovely picture of me attempting to catch a piece of broccoli the cook threw at me. I failed. 😦

marlee bachelorette

Marlee, however, was way better than me and caught her piece when the cook threw it at her. What can I say, my MOH has skills!

shelby and Brig bachelorette

I had to include this fun picture of these two lovely ladies. 🙂

bachelorette me

And here is an awkward picture of just me I decided to throw in for laughs. I mean, is it just me or are pictures by yourself extremely awkward to take? I never know what to do with my hands, and I feel like I have no friends.

After dinner we headed back to Marlee’s parents’ house since it was close and we all spent the night! It was so fun having all of my closest friends together for a sleepover! Obviously we stayed up way too late talking about the most random and unimportant things ever. But it was perfect. 🙂

So if you can’t tell, I’m not exactly a crazy, partying type. I know to most people my bachelorette party seems super lame, but to me, it could not have been more perfect. I got to work out, eat, and just have fun with my closest girl friends! That’s hard to beat! I will remember that night forever, and I am so thankful for my amazing friends who made the night so special for me! Thank y’all for always being there for me and supporting me not only on my big day, but all of the days leading up to my big day! 🙂

P.S. Even though I am not really the partying type, I do not judge anyone who likes to have fun differently than me. We are all different, and that’s what makes the world fun! 🙂


1. What did you do for your bachelorette party? If you aren’t married what would you like to do for yours?

2. Favorite type of workout to do with friends?

3. Favorite restaurant to go to with friends?


House Hunting Fail

Today’s Workout:

5 mile run

Leg and Ab workout from pbfingers.

Okay, now time to play catch up on the last few days. In my super short post Wednesday I mentioned that Ryan and I were going house hunting. We are looking for a small and affordable house to rent, that also has a backyard for his two dogs. We looked at three places yesterday, and sadly had no luck. 😦 We looked at another one Thursday morning and really liked it, but it smelled like the people who lived there before smoked, so that was a no go as well. But it’s okay, I know we will find something!

We did, however, make the best of being out and we had a dinner date at Olive Garden! This made everything so much better! Plus, we had a gift card that Ryan’s parents had given me at Christmas, so the meal was (almost) free, making it even better! Who invented gift cards? Like, for real, they are awesome! 2013-05-08 23.31.41

The breadsticks and salad at Olive Garden are always amazing! I am pretty sure I could make a meal out of just these two things. We also got some alfredo sauce to dip our bread into. I am not the biggest alfredo fan, but this was pretty good! I can only have some of my bread with it though; it’s too rich for me to have too much of it.

2013-05-08 17.52.23

Above was my meal. It was some type of grilled chicken vegetable lasagna, and it was so good! It was on their light menu, so it only had 500 something calories, which is so good compared to their other dishes! The lasagna was filled with zuchinni and something else (maybe squash?), I can’t remember, but it was very delicious! I would definitely order it again!

Here is what Ryan ordered:

2013-05-08 17.52.18

Let’s just say his chicken alfredo pizza was not on the light menu. 😉 But I did have a few bites, and it was very delicious as well!

I took pictures of one of the houses we looked at yesterday, so while in the bathroom I couldn’t resist taking a typical mirror picture. 😉

2013-05-08 18.52.03

Now, onto more interesting things. Yesterday morning I was supposed to teach cycling early, and I was little nervous because I have never taught morning classes since I am usually student teaching and not able to teach cycling until late afternoon or night. The morning classes are usually all older people, unlike the late classes l normally teach that are filled with young, college students. I made a playlist I thought the older generation would like more and prepared my workout the night before, but sadly no one showed. 😦 Here is the empty fitness room.

2013-05-08 06.35.07

But that is okay, because I still did the workout myself, and it was a good workout! After I did cycling and a quick ab workout, I ran 5.15 miles with my friend Brittany. After we were done with our run, I was starving! Some brocolli cheese eggs sounded amazing! I sauteed some onion, tomato, bell pepper, spinach, and brocolli in a teaspoon of olive oil and then scrambled two eggs in the mixture with a little shredded cheese.

2013-05-08 09.00.16

This breakfast was so good! If you haven’t ever had vegetables in your eggs, you really need to try it! It’s so good, plus you feel great after adding in some veggies to your first meal of the day! Now, jumping all the way back to Tuesday. (Not getting to write a regular post Wednesday or anything yesterday really put me back!) I went to Sunrise Yoga Tuesday morning and absolutely loved it! I really want to get into yoga because I know it is so good for me! I would love to even be able to teach it one day, but I know I would really have to improve to be able to do this. After yoga I did an arm workout that doesn’t seem like much, but my shoulders were sore yesterday! I added in a few leg exercises, but to be honest, my legs were so tired from holding poses in yoga that I just wanted to focus on arms. 😉 2013-05-09 08.20.47 I jotted this down as I did it in my phone so I would remember it. I did this as a superset, so I would do three sets of the first two exercises and then go on to the next set of two. Do three sets of all of the exercises. For the first exercise, when I say incline, I meant incline press, and I just did the bar. 🙂 For everything else, when I say I did 10 pounds, I had a 10 pound weight in each hand, so total I actually did 20 pounds. The only thing where I used just one 10 pound weight was the overhead tricep extensions. Also, for the sumo squats, I used just one 15 pound dumbbell. But feel free to do whatever weight works for you! I’m not too strong so I have to stick with the lighter weights. 😉 If you do this workout let me know what you think! Hopefully it will leave your arms as sore as it left me! After these weights, I did about 10 minutes on the elliptical before I left to go eat breakfast. I wanted to get in more cardio than that, but my stomach was growling so I knew it was time for breakfast.

Tomorrow is a big day because Ryan is graduating!! I am so happy and proud of him! He has worked so hard, and I am so happy that he graduates with a job already lined up. This is such a blessing, and we give all the glory to God. I am looking forward to both mine and Ryan’s family getting together tomorrow for Ryan’s big day!


What are your plans for this weekend?

Anyone special to you graduating soon?

Fourth and Final Bridal Shower

At the end of May I had my fourth and final bridal shower, immediately after this shower my life got a little crazy, which you can read about here. Because of all of the craziness, I never got to write about my last shower so I thought now would be a perfect time.

First off, if you missed my post about my first shower you can read about it here, and you can read about my second and third shower here. Ryan and I have seriously been shown love by so many family members and friends. This final shower was again filled with love and people continued to bless us with undeserved gifts. This shower was very special to me because it was held in my hometown where I grew up, so I got to see many wonderful ladies that I went to church with that I have hardly got to see since I went off to college. Three ladies hosted my shower. Two were moms of two of my best friends in high school, and the third was my eighth grade English teacher. My old teacher could not make it to the shower, however, because of a family emergency. Here are the two wonderful ladies who hosted me a shower. They were always like a second and third mom to me growing up.

2013-04-21 16.16.46

Shelly, the lady on the right, is Shelby’s mom. Shelly and Shelby both have been a huge help to my Mom and I in wedding planning, and they both went out one Saturday with us to view the chapel and go buy decorations. Sherry, the lady on the right, is my good friend Tara’s mom, and the shower was held in her beautiful home. I am so thankful for both of these ladies in my life!

2013-04-21 14.11.49

Here is the beautiful food table. There were so many delicious fruits and some mini bundt cakes. I only had a small bite of a bundt cake, but everyone was raving about them! I was all about the fruit though! 🙂

2013-04-21 14.12.21

Outside by the pool tables were decorated so cute! (Please excuse the picture in the top left corner, oops! 🙂 )

I was not embarrassed one bit to be the first one to make a plate.

2013-04-21 14.14.04

And of course as soon as my cute, soon to be nieces got to the shower I had to fix them a plate as well.

2013-04-21 14.19.16

I sure do love these girls! They were definitely the life of the shower. I was so glad they could come. They make me so happy!

2013-04-21 21.55.36

These sweet girls helped me unwrap all of my gifts. They are such good helpers!

2013-04-21 14.44.41

I felt like I had a million gifts to unwrap. It was so fun! 🙂 Shelby was such a huge help by writing down everything I got and who it was from. I love her to death!

2013-04-21 15.41.44

In the picture above, from the left, is my Mom, my Mammy (mom’s mother), my MawMaw (dad’s mother), me, and then Ryan’s MeMa (his Mom’s mother). Sadly, Ryan’s mom, Debbie couldn’t make it for the shower since they live so far away and she had just come in the weekend before for my other two showers. I totally understood, but she was definitely missed! God has blessed me by putting such amazing, Godly women in my life for me to look up to!

2013-04-21 15.52.32

It was so good to be united with these two again! The girl on the left is of course Shelby, and the girl on the right is Tara, one of my best friends from high school. I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw her. It made me so happy that she was there!

2013-04-21 15.51.08

My sweet friend, Ruth, also came. I love that so many of my friends came out to support me!

2013-04-21 15.50.28

Ryan came towards the end of the shower to help pack up all of the gifts we got in the car, and tell everyone who was left thank you. He is such a sweetie!

I am seriously having so much fun being a bride-to-be! People have been so supportive and so helpful, and for this I am very thankful! Being a bride-to-be is fun, but I have to admit, I can’t wait to get married and be a wife! 🙂 Exactly one month from today is the big day! I can’t believe it! Time has flown by!

God has been with Ryan and I every step of the way since we have been together, and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us!


1. Did you love being a bride-to-be?

2. For all of you married ladies, any marital advice for me?

3. If you aren’t married yet, what do you look forward to most about being a bride-to-be?

Faith in my Friday and Saying Goodbye to the BSM

Yay for Friday! Today is a special day for me because it marks the end of my first semester of student teaching! Just one more semester and then I can graduate in December! 🙂 I have been at a teaching conference all day, which is why I am just now getting the chance to write.

2013-05-03 11.47.47

I absolutely love Faith in my Friday. Thanks so much Melissa for continuing to host it on Freeingimperfections.com. In my most recent Faith in my Friday post I wrote about how much my faith has grown since Ryan and I have got engaged because I have had to put all of my trust in God’s plan and let go of my own. As Ryan and I get closer to getting married, our faith in God is also having to grow stronger. Let me explain.

We get married in 1 month and 4 days. We do not know what city we should live in. We aren’t sure what city we should be looking to live in. We do not have a house to live in, or even a prospective house to live in.

That is scary to think about when we know we need a place to live fairly soon. We have been praying and asking God to show us where He wants us and what He wants us to do. However, right now, God is just telling us to be patient. I know God has an amazing plan, and He will reveal it to us on His own timing. And let’s be honest, His timing will be the best possible time.

Faith in God's Timing

In the next month God is going to show us a lot and we will get the answers to the questions we have had for so long. God always answers His people!

Today Ryan’s sister-in-law, Krystal, text us both with this bible verse:

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

This was exactly what we needed to hear from God! Krystal told us that she was praying for us and that the Lord would make Himself clear to us in housing, jobs, and finishing school, so that He would receive all of the glory and honor!

God speaks to people in many different ways, and I think one way is through other people. God definitely spoke to Ryan and I today through Krystal. I am so thankful for the family and friends in our lives that God has blessed us with. The Lord is determining our steps for us, and whenever Ryan and I finally figure out what God wants for us, He will get all of the glory and praise!


Yesterday I did this awesome workout from fitncookies.

fitncookies trainer tuesday 2

I was a sweaty mess after this workout, and I loved it! As I was looking at Heather’s workouts I found another one I wanted to do, so I did this one today.

Fitncookies Burpees, arms and abs workout

I hate/love burpees. So hard, but such a good workout! Both of these workouts wore me out! I love trying out new workouts from my fellow blogging friends! Thanks Heather!

Saying Goodbye to the BSM

Last night was a sweet and sad night. While we have been in college Ryan and I have been very involved with our school’s Baptist Student Ministry (BSM). This ministry holds a very special place in my heart for many reasons. I have had so much fun being involved in it throughout college, I have met most of my friends through the BSM, and most importantly, this is where I first met Ryan my freshman year of college.

Last night was the spring banquet, and our last event with the BSM. 😦 I don’t even know if I should put a sad face at the end of that sentence because I know it is good we are moving on because everyone has to graduate and go on to that next step of their life, but it is still sad. We had a blast though, and it was nice to have one last big party with our friends!

2013-05-02 21.57.41

In case you can’t tell from this picture, I am blessed with an awesome group of friends whom I love very much!

Every BSM banquet has a theme, and this year’s theme was western. (Ryan and I didn’t dress for the theme, but decided to dress up instead. 🙂 )

2013-05-02 22.02.16

Here is Marlee, my maid of honor, roping. I thought this picture was so cute and had to post it. 🙂

The banquet was held at a cowboy church, so it everything fit the theme perfectly. And of course we had barbecue for dinner! Here is the table full of food!

2013-05-02 20.39.18

I enjoyed some brisket with barbecue sauce, a baked potato topped with some cheese, baked beans, and salad. Plus, since I knew we wouldn’t really be having the healthiest dinner ever, I ate an apple right before we left for the banquet.

2013-05-02 18.37.38

Why did I take this picture? I’m not really sure except I thought it might turn out cute. Most definitely did not, but I still decided to share it with y’all. 🙂

Tip for everyone out there, anytime I’m going to a party or a banquet where I know there won’t really be healthy options to eat, I try to have something healthy before I go. That way, I won’t be quite as hungry and won’t have to fill up on so much junk food at the party. Away from that side note, back to the banquet!

Some awards were given out and all of the graduating seniors gave some words of wisdom to everyone else. Even though I am not graduating until December, I was considered as a senior since I won’t be a part of the BSM anymore.

Of course last night called for lots of pictures!

2013-05-02 21.59.26

I love these girls!

2013-05-02 22.04.06

Ryan and I with our wonderful BSM director, Joe.

2013-05-02 22.04.43

I love all of these girls and the fun times we always have.

2013-05-02 22.07.32

Is my fiance the most handsome man ever or what? 🙂

2013-05-02 22.14.38

And of course needed a bride, groom, and maid of honor picture. 🙂

The BSM has been so good to Ryan and I during college, and I am so thankful for the friendships and relationships I have made. For anyone who is in college, I highly suggest finding some type of group or organization to be involved in. It really does make your college experience so much better!


Has God ever spoke to you through someone in your life? 

Do you find it hard to have faith in God’s plan at times?

Were you involved in any type of organization in college?

Where I’ve Been All Week and Organization Challenge Recap

This has definitely been a crazy, unplanned week, which explains why I have only wrote one post this week. Like I mentioned in my last post, Ryan’s grandmother, known as Grandma, past away last week. This past Thursday was the visitation, and Friday was the funeral. This was not easy, but it was a celebration because she is in Heaven now. I got to meet some more of Ryan’s family members, which I enjoyed since we are getting married soon! It is always good to know the whole family!

I know bloggers are supposed to take pictures of everything, but this weekend wasn’t a time to take pictures. So there is why I have been so absent in the blogging world, but onto happier things!

Yesterday my Mom and I met with my Aunt Nancy and her sister, Cathy to talk about my flowers for the wedding! Cathy and her friend, Cathy (I know it’s super confusing because both of their names are Cathy!), are going to take care of all of my flowers, which is such a stress reliever for me! I know nothing about flowers, and because they have done flowers for weddings numerous times, I know they will make everything beautiful!

yellow and gray wedding flowers

These are not the flowers we will be using, I just googled yellow and gray wedding flowers so I could put a picture here. 🙂 Source

My Mom and I also went to Hobby Lobby to get some prices for custom framing. I am going to be getting my bridal portraits taken at the end of May, and we want to get one of the pictures framed for the reception after the wedding. My mom and I were pleasantly surprised when we saw the prices because they seemed very reasonable!

I was also excited to see that my bridal hanger came in the mail!

bridal hanger

I was so excited to see this, and I was very happy with the final product!

Ryan and I with bridal hanger

I ordered it from Etsy.com. If you have never checked this website out, you should do it now! It is awesome!

Yesterday I started feeling bad, and I ended up being pretty sick. My head hurt, and I felt nauseous. I slept away most of this morning, and I still don’t feel the best. The only thing I have eaten today is  Belvita crackers. I haven’t been hungry at all, but I knew I needed to try to eat something and see if I could keep it down. Hopefully I am over whatever I have by tomorrow so that I can get back to working out!

Organization Challenge

So I took part in Melissa’s Organization Challenge for the month of April, but I am sad to say that I did not do what I planned to do this month in order to get more organized. 😦 In this post, I wrote about my goal of wanting to become a more organized blogger, and I wanted to start using the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin to organize what posts I  wanted to write and when. The month of April just seemed to get away from me though, and between trying to finish school, plan our wedding, and working to finish my thesis, I just did not have any time. But, this challenge was definitely not a waste of my time! I am still keeping this goal to become more organized in my blogging life, and I am hoping I will be able to meet this goal this summer when I have more time. Thanks Melissa for hosting such a great challenge! 🙂


Are you a naturally organized person? I am with most things, or at least I try to be 😉

Have you ever used etsy.com? Did you like it?

Did your week have any surprises for you like mine did, or did it go as planned?