Month: February 2013

School Days=No Life

So I know I am just now posting about last week’s Monday through Wednesday, and here it is Monday, but I have just been so busy! My next post will probably just try to give a brief highlight through my weekend enough to get me caught back up! I don’t like posting about what happened to me a week ago! Plus, I know I forget things! So hopefully soon I will be all up to date! But like my title suggests, on the days when I go to school, I have no life, so nothing too interesting really happened to me last Monday through Wednesday.

I started off my week Monday with a yummy breakfast. A bowl of pumpkin protein oatmeal hit the spot!


Like always, I enjoyed the other half of my banana on the side with a small glass of almond milk. I packed my lunch for school and enjoyed a delicious turkey sandwich (with all of the veggies of course) and an apple. On the ride home from school I ate some carrots and hummus because I knew as soon as I got back home I would be in a hurry to get ready. Becca, a friend of Ryan and I, is a photography major, and she took our save the date pictures for us. I saw this really cute save the date idea on pinterest so I asked Becca if she could take a picture like this for us, and she said it would be easy! So we met her at the studio on our University’s campus and she shot pictures of us for a little over an hour and a half. At first, Ryan and I felt a little awkward trying to pose, but eventually we just started having fun with it, and that was when we got some really cute pictures! So, yes, it took quite a while for us to take these pictures, but the save the date turned out super cute, and it was totally worth it!

Save the Date

Becca is seriously an awesome photographer! You should definitely check out some of her work here!

After we got done taking pictures I was starving and so ready for dinner! I hadn’t gone grocery shopping for the week yet, so I made due with what I could find. It ended up being pretty good though!


Tuna, steamed brocoli, a sweet potato, and some Almond Thins crackers. It hit the spot!

After we ate Ryan and I went to Wal Mart to get groceries, and then I headed home to get ready for bed. I have to go to sleep early whenever I get up early to student teach. No more of the late night college life for me!

Tuesday morning I made some Greek Yogurt Protein pancakes that I got from I had made these before with strawberry and blueberry yogurt, but this morning I used key lime yogurt because that was what I had. It was good, but next time I will stick with either strawberry or blueberry.


I sliced up some strawberries to eat on top, and I also poured some sugar free syrup on top.


I also enjoyed a banana. This breakfast was perfect because it actually kept me full until lunch five hours later!

Now y’all know I don’t want to take a picture of my lunch when I eat in the teacher’s lounge, so Tuesday morning I actually remembered to take a picture of what I packed for my lunch!


I packed a spinach salad that included spinach leaves, turkey lunch meat, onions, tomatoes, and bell pepper. I also put some wheat thins on the salad to give it a little crunch! I ate some grapes after the salad to finish off the meal. Yum!

My snack that afternoon before heading to the gym to workout on my own was some strawberry Greek yogurt with some almonds and pretzels mixed in.


When I got up to the gym, I was ready for a good workout. Since my weekend had been so busy I hadn’t got to workout since my tabata workout on Friday. I did a mix of different ab and leg exercises, followed by a few ab exercises. I didn’t write down my workout though, so I don’t remember everything. Sorry!

After my workout I ate a banana and peanut butter before I taught Six Pack Cycle.


This held me over during my cycle class, but once it was over I was ready for dinner! I decided a veggie egg sandwich would be quick, easy, and filling!


I also enjoyed an apple and then a few almonds.


After I ate I went to the BSM to meet Ryan to watch the Mavs game. This was very nice because I also got to see some friends who I haven’t got to see much this semester.

Wednesday I had some cinnamon peanut butter oatmeal for breakfast.


This yummy bowl consisted of:

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of natural peanut butter
  • several sprinkles of cinnamon
  • half of a banana
  • two strawberries

I microwaved the oats and water for about 1 minute and 45 seconds. Then I stirred in one teaspoon of peanut butter and sprinkled in some cinnamon. You can read here about some of the awesome health benefits of cinnamon.  

I had seminar all day so I packed a mid morning snack, my lunch, and an afternoon snack.


My mid morning snack was ham, crackers, and carrots. My lunch was a turkey sandwich with lettuce, onion, bell pepper, tomato, seasoned with pepper and italian seasoning and an apple on the side. My afternoon snack was carrots and hummus. Pictured is my blue lunch box from fifth grade that I still carry my lunch in. 🙂 People in my seminar class were probably thinking I had a full pantry in my little lunchbox!

My workout consisted of a four mile run, and then my Six Pack Cycle class that I taught. On Wednesdays for my cycle class we are on the bike for half of the class, and the other half is spent on the floor doing core work.

For dinner this night I made a crock pot meal, chicken parmesan. This is one of me and Ryan’s favorite meals! It is so easy but so good! I remembered to take pictures while I was putting it together to show y’all. First, I got this awesome recipe from here.


First I mixed the bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Then I put the chicken breasts in the egg, then the bread mixture, and then into the crockpot. I use frozen chicken breasts from Wal Mart because they are cheaper.

IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388

After I place all of the chicken breasts in the crock pot I cover it with two cups of mozarella cheese, and then pour in a whole jar of pasta sauce. I used Ragu flavored with meat because it was on sale at Wal Mart. I got two jars for just a little over $2.00. Yay for awesome deals!! 🙂

Whenever I was ready to eat I cooked some whole wheat noodles and then added it to the cooked chicken parmesan for this big pot of deliciousness below.


I also enjoyed a piece of garlic toast and some spinach salad. For my garlic bread I spread some, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, on a piece of whole wheat toast, sprinkled some garlic powder on it, and then lot it sit in the oven on broil for about two minutes. Much healthier and cheaper than buying the frozen garlic bread!

That night Ryan and I went to FroYo with our friends, Marlee (my maid of honor), Woodward (Ryan’s roommate whose name is also Ryan so I call him by his last name), Chelsea, and Tanner. Chelsea and Tanner are actually getting married two weeks before Ryan and I! I am Chelsea’s maid of honor, and Ryan is one of Tanner’s groomsmen! They are both in our wedding as well, so us and all of our friends are going to have a busy, wedding packed summer!

I forgot to take a picture of my frozen yogurt at FroYo, but I enjoyed some sugar free vanilla yogurt with some granola on top. Whenever I go to frozen yogurt places I always try a ton of different flavors, but I always get vanilla. Nothing else tastes as good to me!

So I know I am just now posting about last week’s Monday through Wednesday, and here it is Monday, but I have just been so busy! My next post will probably just try to give a brief highlight through my weekend enough to get me caught back up! I don’t like posting about what happened to me a week ago! Plus, I know I forget things! So hopefully soon I will be all up to date!

And of course, about my quiet times. So I have been reading through Proverbs, and I am really enjoying it. A lot of what I have been reading lately talks about gaining wisdom and understanding, and how this comes from fear and knowledge of the Lord (Proverbs 9:10). I know in this world it seems like the wicked always prevail, but God’s Word tells us that the wicked will be triumphed over in the end by the righteous. I challenge you all to pray for wisdom and understanding from God. Our world is so lost, and in order to know what is right and how to best live for God, we need Him to give us understanding and discernment.

I hope everyone had a great Monday! I will try to give an overview of this past weekend with workouts and recipes soon!