The Best Day of My Life: The Wedding Reception

Three weeks ago I shared pre-wedding ceremony pictures, and two weeks ago I shared pictures from our wedding ceremony. Today I will share pictures from our wedding reception! Then I promise I will be done with the wedding posts, besides our honeymoon, which I still need to recap! I know I should have written these posts so long ago since we got married and went on our honeymoon in June, but hey, better late than never right? 🙂

Billups wedding 7480

Before we went to the reception, right after the ceremony, our preacher signed our marriage license to make it official!

Billups wedding 7475

We had to give a thumbs up for him signing it!

Billups wedding 7490

Our wedding party was waiting on us to go to the reception and be announced. After the ceremony we took family and group pictures, and told the wedding guests to go ahead and start eating. So after the pictures is when we signed the marriage license. Then we met our wedding party in the elevator and the photographer was able to snap a quick picture of us all stuffed in the elevator before we went up to the third floor for the reception.

Billups wedding 7506

Our friend, Travis, announced our whole wedding party into the reception, and last he announced us! You can’t really see our faces in this picture, but we both have huge smiles!

Billups wedding 7508

We walked into our first dance song and went immediately into our dance. We danced to “When I Say I Do” by Matthew West. If you have never heard this song, I highly recommend you follow the link and listen to it. It is so so beautiful, and it was the exact song Ryan and I wanted to dance to.

Billups wedding 7516 Billups wedding 7509

Billups wedding 7526 Billups wedding 7532

I have to say, Ryan is an excellent dancer!

Billups wedding 7555 Billups wedding 7543  Billups wedding 7525 Billups wedding 7540Billups wedding 7531

After I danced with Ryan, I was lucky enough to enjoy my father/daughter dance with my wonderful Daddy.This was such a special moment, and something I will always treasure. We danced to “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle.

Billups wedding 7538 Billups wedding 7541 Billups wedding 7551 Billups wedding 7565

Next, Ryan and his Mom danced to “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Wommack.

Billups wedding 7568 Billups wedding 7582 Billups wedding 7559

After the dances, my brother and Ryan’s two brothers all gave amazing speeches!

Billups wedding 7579Billups wedding 7587 Billups wedding 7589

My maid of honor, Marlee, and my Dad also gave a speech. All of these speeches touched Ryan and I very much. Everyone’s words were so sweet!

After speeches Ryan and I walked around and talked to as many people as we could, but there was so many people we weren’t able to get to everyone. Before we knew it, it was time to cut the cake!

Billups wedding 7595 Billups wedding 7607

Billups wedding 7620 Billups wedding 7609  Billups wedding 7625

Billups wedding 7628Billups wedding 7631

Ryan accidentally missed my mouth a little bit. 🙂

Billups wedding 7605 Billups wedding 7606

Ryan isn’t a huge fan of cake, so he decided he wanted brownies instead of cake, and it was a huge hit!

Billups wedding 7632

After cutting the cake we talked to people a little bit more, and then we played the shoe game!

Billups wedding 7646 Billups wedding 7644 Billups wedding 7653 Billups wedding 7654 Billups wedding 7655

In case you don’t know what the shoe game is, the bride and groom each take off their shoes and the bride holds one of her shoes and one of the groom’s. The groom does the same thing. We then had our announcer, our friend Travis, ask us questions, like who would clean the toilet? Then the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the person who they think will do that job or whatever the answer to that question might be. This ended up being a lot of fun!

Billups wedding 7647

The last question was who do you love more than anyone in the world, and of course I held up Ryan’s shoe, and he held up mine. 🙂

Shortly after this I threw my bouquet.

Billups wedding 7659 Billups wedding 7661 Billups wedding 7670

My best friend since fifth grade, Shelby, caught the bouquet. By the looks of the above picture, I am pretty sure she wanted it. 😉

Shelby and me

Next, Ryan through the football with the garter around it. I saw the football idea on Pinterest and loved it!

Billups wedding 7665 Billups wedding 7666

Shelby’s boyfriend (at the time )wasn’t as lucky as her though. Ryan’s little cousin Grayson caught the football with the garter, haha! But don’t worry, at the end of last year Shelby and her boyfriend, Drake, got engaged and they are getting married this June. 🙂

And because I haven’t showed any pictures of our reception room, here you go. 🙂

 Billups wedding 7495

This was me and Ryan’s table.

Billups wedding 7493

I loved all of our flowers!

Billups wedding 7492

We had a taco bar for dinner! It was all delicious! (Ryan and I didn’t have time to eat at the reception, but our caterer was amazing, and she packed us some to go boxes to eat in the limo after the reception. She seriously thought of everything!)

Billups wedding 7491

This was the area where the food and drinks were. There was a room to the right where the reception took place.

Billups wedding 7650 Billups wedding 7649 Billups wedding 7648

Everything was absolutely beautiful!

The whole night went by so quickly, and before we knew it, our limo was there to pick us up and everyone was blowing bubbles at us as we left.

Billups wedding 7689 Billups wedding 7690 Billups wedding 7693 Billups wedding 7694

Billups wedding 7697 Billups wedding 7700

Oh my gosh this day was amazing! Seriously, our wedding day was the best day of my life, and one I will always remember and treasure. Everything about it was a dream come true. The best part, though, was marrying the man of my dreams and my best friend. It still makes me so excited to actually call him my husband and know that I am lucky enough to be his wife. 🙂



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