Quick Hello

Hey friends! I just wanted to pop in and say hi real quick! Ryan and I are about to leave for the rest of the day to go look at houses! I am so excited! I am really hoping we find one soon! Wish us luck, and if it’s not too late when we get back then I will post again with a new workout and a recipe!

I hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. Good luck! Did you find out where you’ll be living?! .. I can’t remember if you said you did or just that it’s not where you thoughts! So excited for you! We just finished house hunting and hope yours goes smoothly!

    1. Thanks! And no, we don’t know for sure where the best place to live yet because Ryan’s new job requires two months of training at one location, and then they move him to another location after that, but we won’t know where until the end of his training! So now we are just looking for a central location to live that would be in driving distance of wherever he might possibly work. We didn’t find a house we wanted today, but we are going out again tomorrow morning! 🙂 That is exciting that y’all finished house hunting; it’s hard work!

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