Month: January 2013

More of a Family Packed, Wedding Planning Weekend

This past weekend was so busy I couldn’t write about it all in my last blog post! Since I got so behind on blogging after this busy week I need to get caught back up! So let’s start with last Saturday.

Ryan and I stayed at his brother and sister-in-law’s house on Friday night so we got to see them and his precious nieces and nephew. Ryan’s parents also came to visit for the weekend so it was one full house! I loved every minute of it! 🙂 For breakfast Ryan’s dad went out and got everyone donuts. I enjoyed one blueberry donut, one pig in the blanket (some people say kolache, but pig in the blanket is just so much more fun!), and two donut holes. It was good, but donuts never keep me full long because it is just full of empty calories and sugar. (Also, I haven’t told Ryan’s family about my blog yet, so I didn’t take any pictures of my food when I was with them. I will tell them soon so I can start taking more pictures around them!)

Since my breakfast didn’t keep me full long I was ready for lunch when it rolled around. Ryan and I had lunch with his parents at an Italian restaurant called Luigi’s where we were thinking about having our rehearsal dinner. I had eaten there many times and loved it, but Ryan and his parents had never ate there so I wanted them to all taste it. We all thought the food was delicious, and we loved the atmosphere so we went ahead and booked it! Yay for one more thing crossed off of the wedding to-do list! 🙂 There is also a huge room that is used for large parties in the restaurant that can fit up to 80 people, so that will be nice for us!

After lunch Ryan and I went to Al’s Formal Wear to see if we could get prices for him and his groomsmen’s tuxes. We weren’t planning on buying anything or making any decisions, but they had a deal where all of the groomsmen could save $40 if we went ahead and signed a contract, so we did! One more thing crossed off the to-do list! What can I say, we were feeling productive! We were feeling so productive Ryan even got a haircut when we were out! We get things done!! 😉

After that, Ryan and I headed to my grandparents house to meet my family for dinner. As we were driving Ryan and I realized we had spent so much time in the last couple of days driving. We were a little tired of being on the road, and poor Ryan drove the whole time so he was really tired!


I tried to get a picture of him while he was driving and he just gave me this look that said, “Why are you taking a picture of me? I am just tired of driving and definitely don’t want to pose for any pictures!” I told him it was all for the sake of the blog. 😉

We were the last ones to get to my grandparents’ house so we got a big greeting from everyone as we walked in. Both sets of my grandparents were there, my parents, Ben, Kaleigh, and my Uncle Joe! We enjoyed a yummy dinner of Dickey’s barbecue. I had a barbecue sandwich, some beans, a little macaroni and cheese, and a couple of small pieces of ham. Again, I totally forgot to take a picture!

I definitely enjoyed eating and catching up with my family, especially Ben and Kaleigh since I don’t see them as much since they live far off. IMG_1377

Below is the whole gang! From the top left you see my PawPaw, MawMaw, my Dad, Mom, and Mammy. From the bottom left you see Ryan, Ben, Kaleigh, Pappy and Uncle Joe. My PawPaw and MawMaw are my Dad’s parents, and Mammy and Pappy are my Mom’s parents, and Joe is my Mom’s brother. And I am not pictured because I am the photographer for this picture! 🙂

IMG_1373 IMG_1376

My MawMaw and PawPaw recently moved close to us, so trips like this just to come see them for a few hours and to eat dinner are a treat since before this summer we would have never been able to do this.

A little bit after we ate my parents, Ben, Kaleigh, Ryan, and I all went back to my parents’ house for the night. We all stayed up for a while talking and catching up, but the best part of the night was when Kaleigh left the room and brought me back a present.


Kaleigh gave me a gift asking me to be a bridesmaid in her and Ben’s wedding!! 🙂 She had already asked me to be a bridesmaid, but she said this was my official invitation. Of course I was so excited! The bag included a cute pen, a chocolate bar, some tissues (in case I cry during the wedding, which is very likely since I’m a cryer), and three different shades of blush. All of the bridesmaids are in charge of buying their own dresses, so the three shades of blush are to show all of us what colors of dress we can get. Such a cute idea! I love my future sister-in-law!


This weekend Ben also asked Ryan to be a groomsmen!! Ryan and I were both so excited! I sure do love weddings! 🙂 Ben didn’t have a cute bag with gifts and an invitation for Ryan when he asked him to be in their wedding. I guess guys don’t do that. 😉


I’m so glad the four of us could be together this weekend!


It was also great to spend some time with these two this past weekend!

Sunday my family and I slept in, and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of oatmeal with my Daddy for breakfast.


I put in half of a banana, strawberries, blueberries, and walnuts into my oats to make one big bowl of deliciousness! Oatmeal is always so much better at my parents’ house because they have food that makes it so much better, like blueberries and walnuts! Plus, eating breakfast with my Daddy is always special!

After breakfast we decided to watch church online so we wouldn’t have to get out. The message was about not having any idols, and this is when God really convicted me. But that is good, I needed that conviction so that I can change a few things to keep God first in my life.

After church I enjoyed a small snack of crackers, turkey lunchmeat, and strawberries.


For lunch my Mom fixed all of us some delicious chili. I added some crackers, and I chopped up some onion, squash, mushrooms, and carrots to add to my chili. I did this a few weeks ago and loved the added veggies! It made me get full without having to eat so much of the actual chili. (Huge health tip from me: always load up on veggies! This way you get full without eating all of the other stuff that isn’t as good for you.) I also had a few crackers with guacamole before our meal as a little appetizer. Since we had guacamole, I decided to be a little different and added some of that to my chili too. The verdict: amazing! Is guacamole ever bad? I don’t think so! 🙂

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking with my family until Ryan and I headed back to our homes. (I will try to always say “homes” so that no one thinks we live together. Ryan and I do not live together, but if I ever say we are heading home, I just mean we are heading back to the town we both live in. I just wanted to clear up any confusion. 🙂 )

I spent the rest of my Sunday working on my thesis (yes I am an undergrad student, but I have to do a thesis for the scholarship I have), eating dinner, doing some school work, and relaxing with Ryan. We had a very busy weekend, but it was definitely fun. Because we got to see both of our families made it a very special weekend.

For today’s quiet time I read Proverbs 9. What really stood out to me was verse 10.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10. Simple verses like this have such a deep meaning and remind me to continually seek the Lord simply because He deserves my attention and my life!


Family Fun, Wedding Planning, and Convictions

Wow I have been busy these last few days! I’m sorry I haven’t wrote since last Thursday; I haven’t had a free moment! We definitely have some catching up to do!

But before I get to my weekend, I want to share about something that has really convicted me. I have always struggled with maintaining my quiet time with God. I know I need to read God’s Word and spend time talking to Him every day, and I want to do this, but I always get too busy with things of this world, and I let less important things distract me. So basically, I make idols and put these things before God. The last several days I had been thinking, and I was afraid this blog was becoming an idol for me. I was making time to work out and blog, but not making time for God. I knew this wasn’t right, and I felt bad about it. God has a way of communicating to his people, so of course the sermon I listened to at church this past Sunday was about the commandment that states, “You shall have no other gods before me” Exodus 20:3. The preacher even specifically said some people let good things, such as health and fitness, become idols because they put these things above God. Oh my gosh, I felt like the preacher was talking specifically to me!! That was exactly what I needed to hear! I talked to Ryan about this and how I didn’t want this blog to ever come before God. Ryan gave me a great suggestion (have I mentioned how much I love him? 🙂 ). He said that at the end of every blog I should write about my Quiet Time that day and what I read in God’s Word. He said this will help keep me accountable because I can’t blog if I don’t have my quiet time first, plus it would be a good witness for my readers. I loved this idea as soon as I heard it! So from now on, all of my blog posts will be like normal, except for at the end I will mention my quiet time that I had for that day. Readers, please be praying that I can stay consistent with my quiet time and being with the Lord. And please let me know on anything I can pray about for you!

Now, on to this past weekend! It was full of wedding planning and family time! I had to get up early Friday to get ready to leave so I didn’t have much time to workout, so I thought a quick tabata workout I got from Pinterest would do.

Tabata workouts are good when you don’t have much time since they only take four minutes. I did this tabata workout twice for a speedy eight minute workout! Hey, a short workout is better than no workout at all!

Ryan and I left a little before lunch time to head to meet his family. But before we met them we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to begin our wedding registry! It started out really fun, but after we were there a few hours, I was tired and ready to leave. Since I was ready to leave, I knew Ryan was ready! We had spent hours looking at nothing but kitchen stuff, but my sweet fiance never complained once! He’s a keeper! 🙂 We registered for almost all of our kitchen stuff except appliances. We didn’t register for any bedroom or bathroom things though because I am not sure how I want to decorate these rooms.

Ryan told me before we entered the store that he wanted to get to hold the gun to register for the items. Before we left I told him I wanted to take his picture and this is the face I got:


He was ready to leave to say the least. I told him to act happy for the picture though:


He had the best attitude I think any man could have while shopping for kitchen supplies that long!


This picture about sums up how we both felt after registering for hours. We still have quite a bit more to register for, and we have to go to a couple of more stores. I don’t know how some people register for everything in one day! It is exhausting!

After Bed, Bath, and Beyond, we headed to a Mexican restaurant called, Mi Cocina, to meet Ryan’s family. I always love spending time with family!

Sadly, I didn’t do good at all taking pictures of my food Friday. I did get my breakfast:


Plain oatmeal with bananas and strawberries.

My mid-morning snack:


Kashi-Go Lean cereal with almonds.

For lunch I had a chicken sandwich made with leftover crock-pot chicken and an apple. I packed Ryan and I lunches so we ate on the road. This way, we could eat healthy and we didn’t have to buy lunch! Healthier and a way to spend money! Winning! I only took a picture of the apple though.


A snack on our way to dinner:


Carrots and hummus.

And I thought about taking a picture of my dinner at the restaurant, but I didn’t want Ryan’s family to think I was crazy. I will eventually be able to take pictures of my meals in front of people without being afraid of being judged. 🙂 But for dinner I enjoyed two spinach burritos, sauteed vegetables, salad, and a few chips with salsa. Delcious, and I loved the spinach burritos because they didn’t leave me feeling absolutely stuffed like most Mexican food does.

Now for today’s quiet time. Right now I am reading the book of Proverbs. I decided to start reading this book because about a month ago my Mom was reading Proverbs and she was telling me how much this book has to say about wives and how they should act. Since I will be a wife in a little more than four months I thought I should concentrate on this book! I finished Proverbs 8 yesterday and read Proverbs 9 today. Two verses that really stood out to me were verses 10 and 11.

“Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Proverbs 8:10-11.

I absolutely love this because it is such a great reminder that we need to seek God and His will for our lives. All Christians should pray for wisdom and understanding. These things on earth that we so greatly desire will go away. Nothing is worth our time and lives except for Jesus Christ himself! But in order to live for God daily we need wisdom. If we ask God for wisdom, He will give this to us! We are so blessed to serve such an awesome, loving God who wants to share His wisdom and understanding with us; we just have to ask!

To Do Lists

So I have learned that it will be very easy for me to get stressed out and overwhelmed with everything I have to do this semester. Writing things down and making to-do lists always help me feel better. There’s just some type of satisfaction I get from crossing things off a list after I do it. Everything also seems more doable whenever I can see right in front of me what exactly I need to do. Yesterday was definitely one of those days where I had a list full of things that needed to get done, so I just did one after the other. And after every task I completed, I proudly marked it off my list!

But of course I couldn’t start my busy day without a good breakfast! I woke up starving and a veggie egg sandwich was calling my name. I didn’t have avocado though, so I did without that this time.


I also enjoyed some sliced strawberries and almond milk.

I spent my morning washing clothes, cleaning the kitchen, and working on school work. My breakfast didn’t stay in me long because I was hungry pretty soon, so I ate some turkey lunchmeat and a banana.


Like I said, I was hungry all day yesterday so I kinda snacked a lot throughout the day. A little bit before lunch I enjoyed a handful of Wheat Thins.


For lunch I enjoyed a chicken sandwich that I made with chicken from Tuesday’s crock pot chicken. On the sandwich I put lettuce, tomato, onions, and bell pepper. On the side I enjoyed a nice, crisp apple with some baby carrots.


Yummy! Like I said before, I absolutely love sandwiches and never get tired of them!

I was craving something sweet after lunch though so I ate this white chocolate covered peanut that my mom sent me from home.


Salty and sweet, just perfect!

I spent the next few hours working on more school work until I finally headed up to the gym for a good workout.  Today was a weight/circuit day so I decided to make up my own circuit workout that would involve total body strengthening. I wrote my workout down on this notepad I’m pretty sure I have had since I was like 10.


I don’t think I will ever be too old for this. 🙂

I did three different sets for this Total Body Strength Circuit.

The first set:

  • Step ups with an arm raise (10 each arm, 15 lb dumbbell)
  • 15 squat jumps
  • 15 diamond push-ups (girly)

I did three sets of all of these, and after I did three sets I did a 60 second plank.

The second set:

  • Lunges with 15 lb weight in each hand (10 each leg)
  • 15 seated rows
  • 15 Hamstring leg curls

I did three sets of all of these, and after three sets I did a 60 second plank where I alternated my hips and made my right and left sides of my hips touch the floor.

The third set:

  • 15 dips
  • 15 Quad leg curls
  • 15 pull downs on machine (I need to find out the name of this machine, I have no idea. Sorry!)

After completing three rounds of this set I did a 60 second plank where I started on my elbows, went up to my hands, separated my feet, went back down to my elbows, and then brought my feet back in. I will try to upload a video soon to better show this plank. It is a really good plank though, and I can feel the burn much more than on a regular plank. 

I really enjoyed doing this circuit strength workout, and I could definitely feel my muscles burning. On my last plank my arms and legs were shaking the whole time. After I finished the circuit I finished my workout my doing 20 minutes on the elliptical and 5 minutes on the stair stepper. Those last five minutes on the stair stepper were hard since my legs were already sore, but it was a great way to end my workout!

I headed to Wal-Mart when I got done at the gym to get some school supplies and trash bags.


After Wednesday’s seminar class, I quickly realized that if I wasn’t going to be stressed all semester I needed to get organized. Dividers, notebooks, colored pens, highlighters, and sticky notes were a must!

When I got home I decided a protein shake would taste amazing after my hard workout so I awarded myself with a Peanut Butter protein shake, since yesterday was actually National Peanut Butter Day. Into the blender went:

  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • A handful or two of spinach (You can’t taste this at all in shakes, but you still get the nutrients! It’s in almost all of my shakes now. Beware, it will make your drink green, but I promise you can’t taste it. Ryan even puts spinach in his shakes now!)
  • 1 teaspoon of peanut butter

If I put peanut butter in my smoothie I like to usuaszlly put in a frozen banana too, but I didn’t have any yesterday. But a little peanut butter is always good, so of course I wasn’t disappointed!

Before dinner Ryan and I played walleyball with our friends at the Rec and then I came back to enjoy some more leftover chicken for dinner.


I also had some leftover corn, rice, and some salad. I was still a little hungry after I ate this though, so I sliced up an apple.


Leftovers can make some of the best dinners!

The rest of my night was spent with friends at Overflow, the weekly worship the BSM has every Thursday night.

So thankful for all of the things God has put into my life!

Wednesday Hump Day

Wednesday is a good day for me this semester because after Wednesday, the rest of my week is downhill. I student teach on Mondays and Tuesdays, have seminar all day on Wednesdays, and teach fitness classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So Thursday, Friday, and the weekend are my time to catch up and do everything else I need to do. Yesterday was a little overwhelming for me, especially during seminar when I was given a ton of paperwork and told how much I had to do this semester. I immediately text Ryan to tell him how overwhelmed I was, and being the amazing fiance he is, he quickly reminded me that it would all get done and I would do fine. I sure do love him! 🙂

But first things first, yesterdays breakfast. I was at the bottom of my jar of peanut butter so I decided to try the oats in a jar trick that I had read about. The oats in a jar breakfast is when you have an almost empty jar of peanut butter and you cook your oatmeal in there like normal. It is really good because you are able to mix in that peanut butter you can never get completely out of the jar in with your oatmeal and actually eat it. It was pretty scrumptious if I say so myself!


The empty jar before oats.


The jar with cooked oats, half of a banana and two strawberries mixed in, and because I had some pumpkin I didn’t want to go bad, 1 spoonful of pumpkin! I enjoyed the other half of my banana on the side with a small glass of almond milk. The oats in a jar were definitely a success!

As I got ready for seminar I decided that it was definitely a hat-wearing kinda day! (A.K.A. I didn’t wash my hair 😉 )


Thanks Shelby for my awesome new hat you gave me for Christmas!

During my seminar I got hungry before our lunch break so I snacked on some carrots, wheat thins, and almonds that I packed.


For lunch I enjoyed some chicken tetrazinni and salad with fat free Italian dressing. My mom sent this food with my Dad to give me on Monday when we met him at the movies. Chicken tetrazinni is a lot like chicken spaghetti except with some vegetables cooked in. So it isn’t really all that healthy, but I didn’t want to deprive myself of a food my mom sent me that I really enjoyed. I ate it in moderation and had enough to fill me up, but I did not overdo it.


It definitely hit the spot and kept me from getting hungry as I sat through the rest of my seminar class. Well, it almost kept me from getting hungry through the rest of my class. 🙂 Towards the end I had some strawberry Greek yogurt that I packed with some almonds and pretzels mixed in. (On a side note, one of my biggest tips for people who are trying to be healthy is packing healthy snacks. This way if you are out and get hungry you won’t be tempted to buy candy, fast food, or some other food that is tempting to get because it is so fast and easy.)

After seminar I ran 4 miles, and I am happy to say that my average pace was 8:51! My new watch  Ryan gave me for Christmas is really helping me improve my running times! I finished off my workout by teaching Six Pack Cycle. Have I mentioned how much I love my job? For real, being a fitness instructor is THE BOMB! After my workout, I ate an apple with some peanut butter while I waited on Ryan for dinner.


After a stressful day I was pretty excited when Ryan said he wanted to cook fajitas!


I love a man in the kitchen! But seriously, Ryan makes the best fajitas ever!

I was in charge of cutting the onions and peppers.


I also made some queso for Ryan because that his his absolute favorite food! Ryan loves cheese and lots of it, so I thought I would be a good fiance and make him a special treat. 🙂 I can honestly say though that I only had one baked Tostitos chip with queso. (When Ryan and I first started dating I quickly realized that I could not eat queso every time he had it; that would not be good for my health!) I did, however, have several baked chips with hot sauce as I was waiting for the chicken to cook. I was too hungry and too impatient I guess!


When the meat cooked I steamed some brocolli to eat with my fajita and also microwaved some Uncle Ben’s Santa Fe style rice.


I had never had this particular flavor of Uncle Ben’s rice before, but it was super good! I will definitely be buying it again.

Ryan and I also tried out some new whole wheat tortillas last night, and we were both impressed by the yummy taste.


I am pretty sure this won’t be the last time we get these tortillas!

I took one slice of fat free cheese and covered my tortilla with it and then microwaved it so that the cheese would melt.


Again, I am using sliced cheese because I am a college student who refuses to buy shredded cheese on most occasions. My final dinner plate:


Oh my goodness this was delicious!! My man can cook! Like I say all the time, he is amazing!

Now Ryan’s plate looked a little different than mine…


This was his first plate, and you can’t see this, but both of his fajitas are covered with queso and sliced cheese, and his chips are covered with queso as well.


And here is his second plate. We are still working on him eating a little healthier. 😉

I ended up getting hungry a little bit later so I ate a Nature Valley Oats N’ Honey bar to hold me over until breakfast in the morning.


For the rest of the night Ryan and I talked with some of our friends who were visiting our college town for the day. The two girls used to live here but they recently moved away, so it was nice to see them again. God has definitely blessed Ryan and I with some awesome friendships and relationships!

Back to the Grind

I love long weekends, but the day back to school or work after a long weekend is always the worst! I never want to go back. That’s how yesterday was, but once I got up and got going, it was a good day! It got off to a good start with some protein pancakes!


They were yummy and kept me full for a long time, which is what I needed since I ate breakfast at 6:30 and wouldn’t be able to eat lunch until 11:00 since I was student teaching. That, by the way, is totally not normal for me to go that long without eating! I usually eat about five times a day, which means I eat every few hours. So when I am student teaching, I am always starving by the time lunch rolls around. But anyways, I got this yummy recipe from the wonderful blog, CarrotsnCake. I went by Tina’s protein pancake recipe, but I made a few changes. Here is exactly what I used.

  • 2/3 cup quick oats
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 eggs
  • A little ove 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

I basically doubled the amount of oats and eggs so that I would have more pancakes. It ended up being a lot of pancakes, but like I said, I knew I wasn’t going to get to eat for a while so I wanted to make sure I ate enough! I also cut up some strawberries to eat with my pancakes and on the side. In addition, I had a small glass of almond milk. I sure do love my breakfast!

Also, before I left to go to the school I put a whole chicken in the crock pot. I was really excited to try this because I had never cooked a whole chicken before. I cut up some of an onion and put that in the bottom of the crock pot, placed the chicken in, and seasoned it with salt, pepper, a little garlic powder, and a little Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. I put the crock pot on low and left it to cook the whole time I was at school.


Here is a picture of the onions in the bottom of the crock pot. I meant to take a picture after I put the chicken in, but I forgot. 😦 Unfortunately, I was really bad at taking pictures yesterday, so I don’t have many pictures at all. But it’s okay, I will get better!!

After I did my student teaching thing I headed back home with my friend, Meagan. Luckily, Meagan is student teaching in the same city I am so we can carpool together.

For lunch yesterday I packed myself a salad with lettuce, turkey lunchmeat, onions, bell pepper, tomato, and fat free Italian dressing. I also enjoyed a nice, crisp apple! I actually thought about taking a picture of my lunch, but I was eating in the teacher’s lounge, and since I haven’t been at this school long, I didn’t want the other teacher’s to think I was weird when I started taking a picture of my food. Next time I will just take a picture of what I pack before I leave in the morning. 🙂

When I got back home I headed to the gym for a weight workout I got from my latest Oxygen magazine. It was a total body resistant band workout, and it was hard! I am going to have to get a band with less resistance for next time because I wasn’t even strong enough to do some of the arm exercises with the band! For those exercises I used 10 pound dumb bells. But it was still a great workout, and I loved feeling my muscles burn. After I did my own circuit I enjoyed a banana before I taught my Six Pack Cycle class.

IMG_1286My cycling class went great; I actually had to turn people away because we ran out of bikes. I hate having to turn people away from my classes because of not having enough bikes! Cycling is one of my favorite classes because I love the challenge, and I love leaving sweaty!

After my class I was starving and so ready to try my chicken that had been cooking in the crock pot all day! (When I got back home at 4:30 I noticed the chicken was done so I turned the crock pot off and left the chicken in there to keep it warm. So it cooked for about 10 hours on low, and by that time it was totally cooked and fell off the bone easily.) Ryan and I walked into my apartment and it smelt great from the chicken. It was already about 7:35 and Ryan had a guys bible study at 8 so I quickly cooked some corn and microwaved me a sweet potato. The final verdict of the whole chicken in the crock pot:


DELICIOUS! And we had so much chicken left over! I am going to look up some new recipes that involve chicken so that I can use it all. It will also be great for sandwiches and salads throughout the week. And any chicken that I don’t use this week I will freeze to use later. I don’t know why I have never cooked a whole chicken before; it is so much cheaper than buying a bag of frozen chicken breasts, and you get way more chicken! Yummy chicken +leftovers+cheap price=WINNING! Plus, coming home from working all day to a basically already cooked meal is awesome!

Besides a ton of chicken, I am also getting some free chicken broth from this whole chicken! I read that after you cook the chicken, you can put the bones back in the liquid, add about 5 cups of water, and let it cook in the crock pot on low over night. Then in the morning you can put the liquid in tubber ware and refrigerate it. After it is cold there will be a layer of fat on the top that you will have to take off, but then you can freeze it for up to six months. And there you go, free chicken broth! WINNING! Needless to say, I highly recommend buying and cooking a whole chicken. 🙂

After I cleaned the kitchen I decided I wanted to try another new creation since my dinner went so good. I used a frozen banana to make soft serve banana frozen yogurt!


All I did was take a banana I had put in the freezer a while back and put it in the food processor. Next thing I knew I was eating this small bowl of soft serve frozen yogurt! It was good, but I think the banana had kind of gone bad before I froze it, so I think it could have been better.

The rest of my night was spent doing school work that I should have done before then. Oh procrastination, how you always get me! #lifeofacollegestudent