Wedding Dress Alterations!

Yesterday was a fun filled day full of wedding planning with mom! But first things first, let’s talk about my workout!

When I woke up yesterday I did not want to work out, but I knew that was going to be the only chance I would have, so I got out of bed and put my workout clothes on. I grabbed a rice cake with some natural peanut butter to give me enough energy to get through my workout before I could come home and have a real breakfast.


You will learn that I can’t workout on an empty stomach, and either a rice cake or a piece of toast with peanut butter is usually my go to pre-workout snack. It is not too heavy, plus it gives me a little bit of protein. And anytime I can have peanut butter I’m a happy girl! 🙂 I’m a fairly new buyer of natural peanut butter, but I love it! I actually like it better than regular peanut butter, and Smucker’s is just a personal preference of mine. I know it is a little bit more expensive, but I think it is worth it since it doesn’t have all of the extra additives.

I knew as soon as I walked into the gym I was going to have a good workout because Miley Cyrus’ song, “Party in the U.S.A” was playing, and right after that “Call Me Maybe” was played. Let’s just say it got me in the workout mood!

I had a great circuit workout here I got from Julie’s blog, This is an awesome healthy living blog, and was actually the first blog I started reading on a regular basis.

I followed this one minute per exercise circuit and changed just a few things. Instead of one minute of leg lifts I did 30 seconds of hamstring curls and 30 seconds of leg press. Also, at the end I added one minute of seated rows. This workout ended up being much harder than I thought it was going to be. The minute of pushups followed by a minute of shoulder raises killed me! But since I am really lacking in the upper body strength department, I know it was good for me! After this circuit I did about 20 minutes on the elliptical for some cardio.

workout pic

Good Thursday workout!

Once I got home I was ready for breakfast, and a veggie egg sandwich sounded delicious! I cut up some onion, tomato, red bell pepper, and one mushroom to scramble with two eggs.


When the veggies and eggs were cooking I toasted two pieces of Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat bread and spread some sugar free blackberry jelly on them. (I usually buy sugar free grape jelly, but I accidentally bought blackberry last time. Oops!) Also, when the eggs were cooking I sliced up 1/4 of an avocado to put on my sandwich. The end result:

Imagebreakfast 2

Scrumptious! I also enjoyed a banana and a small glass of almond milk. After I ate I showered and got ready for the day. Ryan went with me to the bookstore to buy a couple of books I needed and then we hung out until I had to head home to meet my mom to go to Dallas.

For lunch I enjoyed some yummy leftovers from Monday’s dinner. Image

I had some sauteed chicken with onions and peppers, baked sweet potato fries, a spinach salad, and some rice my mom sent with me last weekend. It hit the spot! A couple of hours later though I was getting kind of hungry so I snacked on some grapes and almonds.

On my way home I also stopped at our jeweler’s store to pick up my engagement ring. I had left it there about two weeks ago to get resized, and ever since then my ring finger had felt naked. It felt so good to have my beautiful ring on my finger again!

I ended up getting home about 3:00 in the afternoon, and my mom and I left immediately to go to the wonderful bridal boutique where I bought my wedding dress in September. I fell in love with my dress immediately back in September, and now it is finally time to get it altered to fit me perfectly! As soon as we walked into the boutique I saw Kim, the lady who helped me while I was buying my dress back in September. I feel like she is a part of my wedding planning process, so of course I took a picture with her!


The lady I met with who was altering my dress was very nice and she gave us some great news! She told us we weren’t going to have to alter the dress as much as we thought so it ended up costing less than expected! Yay for saving money!! 🙂 Also, while we were there my mom and I looked at veils, but none of those pictures will be posted until after the wedding. 🙂 The whole time my mom and I had a blast!


It was definitely another successful trip to Mockingbird Bridal!


After we left the boutique, Mom and I headed to the Nike Outlet to look for some running shoes I can wear at my wedding. Yes, I am wearing running shoes in my wedding! First off, with my dress you won’t even be able to see my shoes so I want to be comfortable. Second, I love running and nike running shoes are my absolute favorite, so I thought this would show my personality well at my wedding. 🙂 Unfortunately, we didn’t have any luck at the Nike outlet, so we headed to Genghis Grill for dinner.

If you have never ate at Genghis Grill, I highly recommend it! It is delicious, and a super fun restaurant to go to. You get a bowl, and you get to go pick out whatever meats and vegetables you want and put them in your bowl. Then you get your own seasonings, pick your sauce, and then pick your starch (rice, noodles, or tortillas). Then they cook your food for you and bring it to your table. It is a type of Mongolian stir fry, and is so good!

After shopping all afternoon I was starving as we waited on our food. Luckily for me, my mom and I snacked on these little nuts and seeds when we waited on our food. Image

This kept me from complaining about how hungry I was as our food was cooking. 🙂 When our food came out I was super happy as I saw this huge bowl of deliciousness:Image

This bowl is full of chicken, steak, fish, crab, and every vegetable I could possibly fit in my bowl. Yummy in my tummy! But obviously, I was not able to eat this whole bowl. So I was able to take quite a bit of leftovers home. Looks like I will have a good lunch today.

After dinner we headed home so I got to talk to my Dad for a few minutes before heading back to Commerce to see my Love for a little bit before going to bed.

Successful day in my book! I can’t wait to get my wedding dress back and try it on when it fits me perfectly!



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