Going to the Chapel!

Yesterday, one song was on my mind. “Going to the Chapel of Love” by the Dixie Cups. If you don’t know which song I am talking about, you should most definitely check it out!

I love this song! It is just so happy and it makes me think of “Father of the Bride”, my absolute favorite movie!

Now it wasn’t totally random that I was thinking of this song all day. I spent basically all of yesterday wedding planning with Mom, my friend Shelby, and her mom Shelly. Shelby and I have been friends ever since the 5th grade. We first became friends during Spelling U.I.L., and then we played little league basketball together. From there our friendship continued to grow! We played sports together all through high school and would go to church, and tons of different camps together. Now she attends a different college than me and plays volleyball. Despite being at different schools, we still keep in touch and maintain the friendship God has blessed us with.

We left early in the morning to go to the church where Ryan and I will be getting married to meet Londa, the lady who is over weddings at Β the church. I had to get up super early because I had to leave early enough to make it back to my parents house in time to pick up Shelby and Shelly. I was already getting up at 6:15, so a morning workout didn’t make it into my schedule, but that’s okay. We all need rest days! I did make time for a yummy breakfast though! (I NEVER EVER SKIP BREAKFAST! I am one of those people who wake up hungry!) I fixed myself a bowl of protein pumpkin oatmeal with a banana and strawberries! Delicious!


This is a picture of the oats before I cooked it. To make this I used:

  • 1/2 cup of quick oats
  • A little less than 1 cup of water
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin
  • half of a banana
  • two chopped up strawberries

I put in the oats, water, protein powder, and pumpkin and microwaved it for about 1 minute and a half, stirring it every thirty seconds. Whenever it was done I added in the fruit for this final result:


Who says you can only eat pumpkin in the fall? I am all for pumpkin year round! I also enjoyed some almond milk with my oatmeal. On the side I ate the other half of the banana that I didn’t put into my oatmeal with two more strawberries. The protein powder really makes the oatmeal stay in me longer and keep me full longer. Oatmeal never seems to get old to me!

I also had a new batch of strawberries so I had to wash them. I have started washing my strawberries a different way ever since I found this link on Pinterest:


My strawberries always seem to go bad fast, so I decided to try adding some vinegar into the water I use to wash my strawberries. This is the second time I have washed strawberries with water and vinegar, and my strawberries have seemed to last longer. Score!


Β Gotta love Pinterest!!

Once I made it home my mom and I went to get Shelby and Shelly and headed to the church. Β When we got to the church we immediately met Londa, and she showed us the chapel. Lucky for me, Shelly has so graciously volunteered to help us decorate. This is great for me and my mom because we aren’t exactly the craftiest people. My mom and I had no idea how we were going to decorate, so when Shelly volunteered to help and do some things for us, we were overjoyed! As soon as Shelly saw the church she had a ton of ideas, and I loved them all! My mom and I also had a ton of questions for Londa, so she was very helpful by answering almost all of them. The church had this huge cross that I am absolutely in love with!


We will have this cross on the stage during the wedding ceremony and we will decorate it with flowers. After looking at the chapel, we went and looked at the reception room, which is also at the church, and Shelly had some more great decorating ideas! (I seriously wish I could just picture how I want to decorate something, and then be creative enough to just do it, but I’m not! That is why I am thankful for people like Shelly who are going to help me! πŸ™‚ )

I didn’t think we would be at the church long, but we ended up being there for about two hours. From there, we left to head to a store Shelly told us about called the Sale Shop. I was hungry since it had been a while since my oatmeal so on the way from the church to the shop I ate an apple that I packed.


As soon as we got to the Sale Shop I knew it was going to be a great store for us to buy wedding stuff. We thought we were just going to kind of look around and get ideas for decorating, but we ended up buying a ton of things for the wedding!


I fell in love with these flower girl baskets! I loved the pearls on the handles!


We ended up with a full basket! These white roses were beautiful, and looked so real!

IMG_1232 IMG_1234

I’m so glad all of these women were with me! It made this day even more special!

After a long time of shopping we were all starving! We headed back home and grabbed some lunch at Joe Willy’s, an awesome hamburger place. This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants to go to for a good burger. I love that it isn’t a chain restaurant, but is just one of a kind.


I ordered a 1/3 pound burger on a whole wheat bun and loaded it with veggies! The more veggies the better! We all also ordered a couple of baskets of fries to share. In the picture I only put a few fries in my basket, but I went back several times to grab more fries. This picture doesn’t really do it justice to how many fries I ate. Oops! πŸ˜‰

After lunch we decided to make one more stop before heading home. We stopped by Hobby Lobby, and again without planning on it, we bought more wedding decorations than we were planning on. But we got a good deal! (So don’t worry Daddy ;))


We looked at all three of these pillars and ended up two of the pillars on the far left. We actually had a coupon on our phone for 40% off one item, so my mom and I bought the two pillars separately to save money. Yay for saving money!!! Coupons make me happy! πŸ™‚

We also bought some “B” letters to put one some different tables for decoration at the wedding. B for Billups!! πŸ™‚


After Hobby Lobby we finally headed home. I stayed at my parents’ house for about 45 minutes talking to them before heading back to see my man. Once I got back home I went over to Ryan’s house and ate some leftover chicken tortilla soup with about five Baked Tostitos chips crushed in to give it a little crunch.


Ryan and I spent the rest of our night watching “The Office” since we were about four episodes behind. (Love this show, but so sad Steve Carrell isn’t on it anymore!)

The Office

After we finished watching T.V. I was pooped from a long day of wedding shopping. Once again, another successful Saturday!



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