Wednesday Hump Day

Wednesday is a good day for me this semester because after Wednesday, the rest of my week is downhill. I student teach on Mondays and Tuesdays, have seminar all day on Wednesdays, and teach fitness classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So Thursday, Friday, and the weekend are my time to catch up and do everything else I need to do. Yesterday was a little overwhelming for me, especially during seminar when I was given a ton of paperwork and told how much I had to do this semester. I immediately text Ryan to tell him how overwhelmed I was, and being the amazing fiance he is, he quickly reminded me that it would all get done and I would do fine. I sure do love him! 🙂

But first things first, yesterdays breakfast. I was at the bottom of my jar of peanut butter so I decided to try the oats in a jar trick that I had read about. The oats in a jar breakfast is when you have an almost empty jar of peanut butter and you cook your oatmeal in there like normal. It is really good because you are able to mix in that peanut butter you can never get completely out of the jar in with your oatmeal and actually eat it. It was pretty scrumptious if I say so myself!


The empty jar before oats.


The jar with cooked oats, half of a banana and two strawberries mixed in, and because I had some pumpkin I didn’t want to go bad, 1 spoonful of pumpkin! I enjoyed the other half of my banana on the side with a small glass of almond milk. The oats in a jar were definitely a success!

As I got ready for seminar I decided that it was definitely a hat-wearing kinda day! (A.K.A. I didn’t wash my hair 😉 )


Thanks Shelby for my awesome new hat you gave me for Christmas!

During my seminar I got hungry before our lunch break so I snacked on some carrots, wheat thins, and almonds that I packed.


For lunch I enjoyed some chicken tetrazinni and salad with fat free Italian dressing. My mom sent this food with my Dad to give me on Monday when we met him at the movies. Chicken tetrazinni is a lot like chicken spaghetti except with some vegetables cooked in. So it isn’t really all that healthy, but I didn’t want to deprive myself of a food my mom sent me that I really enjoyed. I ate it in moderation and had enough to fill me up, but I did not overdo it.


It definitely hit the spot and kept me from getting hungry as I sat through the rest of my seminar class. Well, it almost kept me from getting hungry through the rest of my class. 🙂 Towards the end I had some strawberry Greek yogurt that I packed with some almonds and pretzels mixed in. (On a side note, one of my biggest tips for people who are trying to be healthy is packing healthy snacks. This way if you are out and get hungry you won’t be tempted to buy candy, fast food, or some other food that is tempting to get because it is so fast and easy.)

After seminar I ran 4 miles, and I am happy to say that my average pace was 8:51! My new watch  Ryan gave me for Christmas is really helping me improve my running times! I finished off my workout by teaching Six Pack Cycle. Have I mentioned how much I love my job? For real, being a fitness instructor is THE BOMB! After my workout, I ate an apple with some peanut butter while I waited on Ryan for dinner.


After a stressful day I was pretty excited when Ryan said he wanted to cook fajitas!


I love a man in the kitchen! But seriously, Ryan makes the best fajitas ever!

I was in charge of cutting the onions and peppers.


I also made some queso for Ryan because that his his absolute favorite food! Ryan loves cheese and lots of it, so I thought I would be a good fiance and make him a special treat. 🙂 I can honestly say though that I only had one baked Tostitos chip with queso. (When Ryan and I first started dating I quickly realized that I could not eat queso every time he had it; that would not be good for my health!) I did, however, have several baked chips with hot sauce as I was waiting for the chicken to cook. I was too hungry and too impatient I guess!


When the meat cooked I steamed some brocolli to eat with my fajita and also microwaved some Uncle Ben’s Santa Fe style rice.


I had never had this particular flavor of Uncle Ben’s rice before, but it was super good! I will definitely be buying it again.

Ryan and I also tried out some new whole wheat tortillas last night, and we were both impressed by the yummy taste.


I am pretty sure this won’t be the last time we get these tortillas!

I took one slice of fat free cheese and covered my tortilla with it and then microwaved it so that the cheese would melt.


Again, I am using sliced cheese because I am a college student who refuses to buy shredded cheese on most occasions. My final dinner plate:


Oh my goodness this was delicious!! My man can cook! Like I say all the time, he is amazing!

Now Ryan’s plate looked a little different than mine…


This was his first plate, and you can’t see this, but both of his fajitas are covered with queso and sliced cheese, and his chips are covered with queso as well.


And here is his second plate. We are still working on him eating a little healthier. 😉

I ended up getting hungry a little bit later so I ate a Nature Valley Oats N’ Honey bar to hold me over until breakfast in the morning.


For the rest of the night Ryan and I talked with some of our friends who were visiting our college town for the day. The two girls used to live here but they recently moved away, so it was nice to see them again. God has definitely blessed Ryan and I with some awesome friendships and relationships!


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