Icepocalypse 2013

Icepocalypse 2013

This weekend I have seen “Icepocalypse 2013” on facebook and Instagram by a lot of my friends who live around me. In case you don’t know, Texas has experienced a bad ice storm this past weekend. Friday many schools (including mine) and work places (including the Hub’s work) were closed. Today, there are still many schools and companies that are shut down because some of the roads are still that bad. Please keep those traveling and driving to work in your prayers as we all know bad weather makes traveling even more dangerous.

Because of this “Icepocalypse”, Ryan and I spent our whole weekend in our warm, Christmas decorated home. We only got out once, and that was yesterday to go to work. I am very ready to get out of the house today, but relaxing all weekend with Ryan at home was fantastic. Actually, it was marvelous, which means I obviously need to link up with Katie. 🙂


I went grocery shopping Thursday night so we would have plenty of food for the whole weekend and not have to get out. The grocery store was crazy on Thursday night since everyone had the same idea as me and wanted to stock up. Oh well, I made it out alive and got home crazy before the roads got too bad.

Our whole weekend was full of watching movies (a lot of Christmas movies 🙂 ), eating good food, and playing some games. So a lot of my pictures will be of the food we ate. If you need some ideas of warm food to eat on cold days, this should give you some ideas. 🙂


Friday for lunch I made us chili, since this is definitely one of the best meals to have on cold days. I added beans to mine, some quinoa, and some veggies (chopped up carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and onion) to give it some nutrition and so I didn’t have to eat as much of the meat from the chili.

Friday afternoon Ryan and I layered up so that we could go explore the streets around the house and see what damage the ice had done.

IMG_4678 IMG_4677

I wish I had taken more pictures besides this one, because you really can’t tell how bad it is. Many trees fell, which was sad because some of the trees were beautiful, big ones that had been there a long time! In our backyard we lost a lot of branches off some of our trees.

Friday night for dinner we enjoyed some leftover chicken I had cooked earlier in the week with sweet potato fries and veggies.


Obviously if you put avocado in your chicken it tastes better. Anything with avocado tastes better.

Later I was really craving something sweet, so I made a healthy pumpkin pie mug cake. I used this recipe as a base, but I ended up changing a lot of things. It was still really good, and totally took care of my craving for dessert.


Saturday morning for breakfast I had some eggs with veggies, a huge piece of acorn squash, and a piece of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with peanut butter.


Lunch Saturday was leftover chili, and for dinner we had avocado chicken parmesan. We love this meal.


I ate mine with quinoa and of course veggies. In this picture you can’t even tell that is a chicken breast, but trust me, it’s good.

And for some reason Saturday afternoon all I wanted for a snack was a green peanut butter banana smoothie. I knew I shouldn’t have something this cold when it was freezing outside, but I wanted it real bad. So I just went with it.


It was delicious, but I was freezing afterwards. Was it worth it? Oh yes.

Saturday night we played Mancala and then watched the Mavericks play. When I say we watched the Mavericks, I mean I fell asleep on the couch while Ryan cheered them on for the both of us. I mean, the game didn’t start until 9:00; there was no way I could stay awake for that whole thing.

Sunday Ryan and I finally got out of the house for a little bit and went to church. Before we went though I enjoyed these amazing carrot cake waffles. Seriously, they tasted like cake!


I topped mine with blueberries, half of a banana, and pure maple syrup.

After church we came home and had some leftovers for lunch. I enjoyed a quinoa, veggie, chicken, egg scramble.


This is what happens when you have a bunch of leftovers but you aren’t sure what to have. You put everything in a skillet and cook it together to make something that is called “pure deliciousness”.

We relaxed, napped, and watched movies for the afternoon and then enjoyed some chicken tortilla soup that I put in the crockpot before we went to church. It had been cooking all day, and it made the kitchen smell amazing!


Our crockpot was full of the soup, so we have a ton of leftovers. Come on by if you want some, I promise it was good. 🙂


I added beans to mine (I don’t put beans in the soup I make in the crockpot because Ryan doesn’t like them. I just cook them on the stove real quick before we eat and add them to my bowl.) and some avocado, because like I said earlier, avocado makes everything better.

I did do some at home workouts this weekend, including this Gotta Hit Everything workout. I totally forgot how good this workout was and how much it made me sweat! If you do it let me know what you think!  I wished I could have ran this weekend, but there was no way I was getting out on our roads to run. I really want to run today too, but I still think it’s too risky. Hopefully tomorrow I can hit the pavement with my running shoes. 🙂 Today will be another day of at home workouts, which is not a bad thing! I just miss running. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot some fun news! Saturday night my dad signed us up for another race on December 21! He is doing a 5k and I am doing a 15k! I have mentioned before how much I love doing races with my Dad, so I am really excited!

Over this whole weekend Ryan and I watched Hunger Games, Jingle All the Way, Anchorman, Jack Frost, a Christmas episode of the Office, and I am sure more movies that I am forgetting. Ryan and I both said last night we are tired of watching movies for a little while, haha. We are also both definitely ready to get out of the house. Now don’t get me wrong, this weekend was fantastic! I loved just being able to relax with my husband, and honestly, we have been so busy, we needed this weekend, but now I am ready to do something! Ryan is off again today (Yay!!), so I think we are going to try to go out and run some errands and do some Christmas shopping! It should be a fun day! 🙂

Sidenote: When things happen like this weekend where you are stuck in the house for a while, remember to savor every minute of it. You are making memories, so choose to make them sweet, happy memories. I am not the type of person who likes to stay inside at home all day, but this weekend with Ryan was marvelous to say the least. I never want to take the quality time I can spend with my husband for granted. Be thankful for these moments and the time you can spend with your loved ones.


1. Tell me about your weekend!

2. Are you signed up for any races soon?

3. What are some of your favorite foods to eat when it’s cold? I love soups or chili!