Sprints and a Sugar Detox Challenge

Today has been a super busy day, but a productive one! I went to class from 9:30-3:00, met with my thesis advisor for an hour, taught a six pack cycle class for 50 minutes, and then did my own sprint workout. The good thing about days like today is they seem to fly by!

When I woke up this morning I was really craving some cereal so I put together this big bowl of deliciousness.


Good cereal takes some preparation. That is why I used a little bit of everything in this bowl.


I mixed in some Kashi Go Lean cereal (my favorite), some off brand cheerios, and some off brand shredded wheat squares. Then I chopped up half of a banana and two strawberries to put in the mix. Next came a few chopped walnuts, followed by a spoonful of Smucker’s natural peanut butter. Then of course some delicious Silk unsweetened almond milk. Boy, it was good! For lunch I had the rest of my leftovers of the chicken, sausage, potato mixture I made last week. For a snack was some yummy Chobani pineapple yogurt. I mixed in a chopped strawberry and a few shredded wheat squares.


I used to hate yogurt, but I have grown to love it and I am so glad! It is a great snack and full of protein so it keeps me full. I used to eat snacks like Special K 90 calorie bars, and I thought I was being healthy. I eventually learned those are nothing but empty calories. Since they don’t have any nutrients they won’t satisfy your hunger, which will make you end up eating more, consuming more calories overall. So basically, always choose food that gives you some nutrients. Lower calorie is not always good.


Now for today’s workout. First I taught six pack cycle this afternoon. On Wednesdays I always do a circuit of three minutes hard on the bike and three minutes of abs on the floor. We go through this circuit for a total of three times. I know it doesn’t sound like a bunch, but trust me, it is a good workout. All of the people in my class always leave tired! For the three minutes of abs I always have us do six different exercises for 30 seconds each. Here are the exercises we did today.

  • Plank In-n-outs (You need to be in a plank position on your hands, like you are about to do a push-up, and then jump your feet in and back out. Do as many as you can in 30 seconds with good form.)
  • Bosu ball sit up to stand up (check out this video to see what this is. Also, how awkward does this man look in the video? Haha, made me laugh 🙂 )
  • Bosu ball swimmer (works lower back)
  • Elbow to Hands plank (I explain it more in this post)
  • Medicine ball toe touches (start out on your back, holding the medicine ball over your head. Raise your right leg up and bring the medicine ball to your toes. Lower your right leg and bring the medicine ball back behind your leg. Then raise your left leg and bring the medicine ball to your toes on your left foot. Continue to do this for 30 seconds)
  • Russian twists with medicine ball (video here)


Sorry, I know my explanations aren’t very good. Workouts are just hard to explain without actually seeing it. So I am going to get Ryan to take pictures of me doing these workouts so I can post pictures soon to better explain them!

After my cycle class I went to the indoor track to do my first sprint workout for the Forever Fitness Challenge. I was a little nervous since I haven’t done sprints since high school, but I ended up being very happy with my workout! Today I did six 400 meter sprints. Now, I am being honest, I am most definitely not a sprinter, but for not sprinting in a while I thought my times were decent. My first 400 time was 1:35.


And I am happy to post the next picture which is my sixth 400 time.


Yup, that’s right! My sixth 500 was one second faster than my first! Okay, ya I know, it was only one second. But that one second made me so happy! It’s the little things in life that make me smile. 🙂 Overall I was really consistent. Here are my times.

First 400- 1:35

2nd- 1:36

3rd- 1:36

4th- 1:34

5th- 1:35

6th- 1:34

I have never been fast, but I have always been consistent. My coach used to always tell me I couldn’t sprint fast, but I could sprint at the same pace forever. I guess that is still true!


I left the gym feeling tired, sweaty, and accomplished!

Sugar Detox Challenge

So I am excited to say that I am going to take part in Laura’s Sugar Detox Challenge that she is hosting on her blog http://www.mommyrunfast.com.

The challenge will last from Monday April 1st to Sunday April 7. You can choose to either do level one of the challenge, which is just eliminating all added sugars, or you can do level two, which is eliminating sugars and processed foods. I am going to do level two of the challenge. I know this will be hard, but that’s why it is called a challenge right? If you are interested you should go to Laura’s blog to read more details about the challenge. 🙂

I think this detox challenge is a great idea. I love taking part in challenges with other bloggers and getting to know them better. Plus, this challenge is only for one week so it is definitely doable! I highly encourage everyone to take part in it!

We are getting closer and closer to Easter, and I am very excited because Ryan and I are going to see his parents and stay with them for the weekend. So fun!

What are your Easter plans?

What kind of sprint workouts have you done or enjoyed?

Who is going to be brave and take part in the sugar detox challenge?? 🙂