Well That Was Absolutely Disgusting

I have been told before that I was a good cook, and some of you have commented on pictures of my food and said how delicious it looked. I’m here to tell you today that everyone, no matter how good of a cook he or she is (and I’m no professional) makes some bad meals and tries some not so tasty recipes. Last night was a huge reminder of this to me.

I tried a new recipe for black bean soup, and I wish I could tell you it was at least half way decent. But if I am being honest, it was absolutely disgusting. Like, so bad I couldn’t eat it, and I will eat almost anything. It was so bad, I couldn’t even take a picture to share on here because not only did it taste gross, it looked gross.

I absolutely HATE throwing away food because it is such a waste, but getting rid of that soup was the only right thing I did in the kitchen last night.

So what do you do when the dinner you had planned for the night falls through? You throw together whatever you have and make a dinner out of it.


Last night I took two corn tortillas, spread some peanut butter and banana on them, and then microwaved them so that it was hot. I also enjoyed some broccoli, zucchini, squash, and roasted sweet potatoes. Then I had the rest of the banana that I didn’t put on the tortillas. I also ended up eating a few bell peppers that I didn’t take a picture of. ย I made Ryan a cheese quesadilla that he had with roasted sweet potatoes and a piece of leftover pizza from Sunday night.

Last night’s dinner was a total bummer since my planned recipe didn’t turn out, but that is totally okay. Just remember to not get discouraged if a recipe doesn’t turn out how you thought it would. It happens to all of us at some point! If you have healthy staples at home then you will still be able to throw together a quick, easy dinner! (Reminder: Always have healthy stapes at home! This saved us from having to go out and buy a dinner!)

On a happier kitchen note, breakfast yesterday was delicious!


I sauteed onions, bell pepper, tomato, broccoli, and spinach, and then cooked it with two scrambled eggs. I put half of the egg mixture on top of a baked sweet potato, which you can’t even see in the picture because all of the eggs and veggies are covering it. The pile of eggs on the right is on top of the small sweet potato, and the pile on the left is just the egg and veggie mixture. I topped it all off with salsa and avocado, which made it perfect! After I finished this plate, I enjoyed a banana. Perfect way to start my day!


Oh and on a random note, this cold weather requires me to wear several layers to work! My school is an outdoor campus, so luckily on really cold days my principal lets the teachers wear jeans and our school sweatshirt. Yesterday I wore fleece lined leggings underneath my jeans, Ryan’s wool hiking socks, my long sleeve under armor running shirt, my school t-shirt, and then my school sweatshirt. Over that, I wore the purple jacket you see in this picture, a white scarf, and this super fun hat. And obviously I had gloves. I don’t play around with cold weather. I am so ready for it to be warm, but I was excited to get to wear my colorful hat. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and sorry for going everywhere with this post, but I made another food mistake yesterday.


I bought this non dairy cheese from Natural Grocers after school since I heard good things about this brand. I read that it tasted a lot like real cheese, but let me spare you, those people lied. Okay, so I’m a little dramatic; I’m sure some of you like it, but I couldn’t eat it. Ryan and I both thought it was too strong or something. I tried it once, didn’t like it, and had one more bite to see if I thought different, and I hated it even more. Another food fail. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Once again, I hate wasting food, so I didn’t throw it away. So if any of you like this “cheese”, come visit me and we can chat and you can eat this cheese. ๐Ÿ™‚

And even though I didn’t share too many foods that I have been eating lately, I will still take part in Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesdays, since I did share part of what I ate yesterday! Plus, I just love WIAW! Thanks for hosting Jenn!


Sorry for the randomness of this post, but that’s what was on my mind! If you missed my post yesterday you can check it out here.ย You can decide to join in on the Love Challenge anytime!


1. Have you had any recipes that ended up totally disgusting? Were you super disappointed like me?

2. What are some of your favorite meals for breakfast? I should change up my normal routine of oatmeal or eggs.

3. Have you ever tried this nondairy cheese or any other nondairy cheese? Is there another brand that I should try? Right now I’m thinking real cheese is the best option. ๐Ÿ™‚


1. Have you had any recipes that ended up totally disgusting? Were you super disappointed like me?

2. What are some of your favorite meals for breakfast? I should change up my normal routine of oatmeal or eggs.

3. Have you ever tried this nondairy cheese or any other nondairy cheese? Is there another brand that I should try? Right now I’m thinking real cheese is the best option. ๐Ÿ™‚




  1. Sometimes a new recipe just doesn’t work out – it is totally a bummer but it’s happened to the best of us. I once thought that it would be a good idea to make fish in the crockpot with some rice? Worst thing I have EVER made! Dinner that night turned into PB&J sandwiches, haha

  2. Hey! We all make mistakes or at least have recipes that tasted like pure cow poop =) I made this roasted red pepper soup a few weeks ago.. I’m not sure my dog would’ve eaten it. Yes it was that bad ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I know what it’s like to have a failed recipe! I made some couscous that was too spicy, but I won’t throw it out so I’ll eat it in small amounts. Last night, I had couscous on my salad. Today, I might have couscous in my chicken soup. Those eggs look delicious!

  4. Oh yes, recipe disasters happen! Looks like you had good options for your back up plan… I’ve never tried Daiya but I don’t like the though of mock cheese so I probably won’t, especially after your report. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Recipes that are inedible are so disappointing! I made a lentil Dahl soup one that was great except that I put whole seeds of ccoriander in it instead of ground. It was so gross! You win some and lose some!

  6. Haha, I’m sorry about your black bean soup! Sometimes it just happens. My husband absolutely hates wasting food, and a few nights ago he wanted us to make soup with some leftover sausage and kale. I threw a bunch of things in the pot that I thought would taste good, but all I could think was, “This smells like wet dog.” Andrew fixed it so he was happy with it, but I just couldn’t eat it. Hah! Glad you were able to make something yummy instead! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I tried making swedish meatballs in the crockpot once and followed a campbells recipe exactly annnnnnnnnnnd it was disgusting. No one can bat 1000 all the time haha. I’m telling you most of the worst things I’ve made I’ve followed a recipe for. That’s why I pretty much just wing it in the kitchen. Also, both my husband and I have established that we could both be vegetarians if need be but NEVER vegan…because we both have an undying love for cheese!!

  8. Oooh yes, I have had quite a few doozies. One in particular – ground turkey burgers – that are still referenced in this house whenever dinner doesn’t turn out. They were so bad they tasted like vomit. I still have NO idea why, to this day!

    ME “Sorry, but dinner’s not that great tonight. I hoped it would taste better”
    HUBS “Is it ground turkey burger bad?”
    ME “ok… not THAT bad.”

    So that always makes me feel a little better ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I bought the Daiya shreds this week. It tastes HORRIBLE unless melted. I tried it at an expo and that’s how they had it. Their cream cheese line is actually good.

    I agree with Ashley (above), ground turkey burger (premade ones) are really bad. I also get a stomachache from those!

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