Fitness Week of 1/20-1/26

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend is going fabulous! Mine has been, and I am so excited for a rest day because this has been a good week of marathon training, but now my body needs to rest. As always, here is my fitness from the past week:

Monday: 7 miles

Tuesday: my at home HIIT workout and this tight tummy workout that I have pinned on my ab workouts page on Pinterest.

Wednesday: 4 miles. I meant to do some speed work and strength today, but it didn’t happen. Four miles was perfect though!

Thursday: this 30 minute killer at home cardio workout that is on my cardio Pinterest board and three rounds of my Shoulder andAb Burner workout. A five mile run with strength work was scheduled for this day, but Thursday was soooo cold here, and after walking outside a lot of the day at work (my school is an outdoor campus), running outside just sounded miserable. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, even with marathon training you have to be flexible!

Friday: 45 minutes of power yoga from This was such a great reminder of how much I have to improve on yoga! I love that I have started doing yoga once a week, and it’s great to do the day before my long runs. I’m hoping to eventually do it more than once a week.

Saturday: 15 miles.

My long run Saturday felt great! I actually think I felt even better than last week when I ran 13 miles. This was a huge encouragement because I know I have some much longer runs coming up, but I am actually looking forward to them! I will go down on my mileage next week though. For the past four weeks I have been increasing my mileage every week, so this week I will decrease my mileage to give my body a rest. After that, my mileage will begin to increase again.

Now it’s time for me to go make some breakfast, do my meal planning for the week, and then get ready for church! This afternoon I plan on relaxing with Ryan at home, getting our grocery shopping done, and hopefully doing some food prep for the week!


1. How were your workouts this week? What was your favorite? My favorite was my long run and the power yoga! 

2. What are you doing today?

3. Do you have any suggestions for what meals I should cook this week? 



  1. So glad to hear about the 15 miler– you are doing soooo well! I hope I can do this one day too 🙂 Sounds like a perfect day. I’m travelling today so I hope to do some food prep tonight if I’m not too exhausted because I don’t have time tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

    1. You could definitely do a marathon Amy! I can’t wait for you to sign up for your first marathon. 🙂 I hope you were able to get some food prep in; I know my weeks are always crazy if I can’t prep at least a little bit on the weekends!

  2. I have taken mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes (I buy the Idahoan ones in the poches…they are good) off of my grocery list! We don’t need those as sides! Added lots of veggies to steam and stir-fry! I know these are just baby steps, but I have to start somewhere! Thank you so much for for your inspiration! 🙂

  3. Isn’t it crazy how a shorter run can feel difficult, and then a week later a longer run can feel awesome?! The ups and downs of training!

  4. Wow, 15 miles! That’s fantastic! I don’t know how you do it, but kudos to you!
    I can’t partake in any physical activity for about 4-6 weeks, so I’ll be a little lazy bum these days. I will take walks though to get some fresh air and keep my body moving. I hope you have an amazing day and week. 🙂

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