Surprise, Surprise!

Today is a very special day. Today this beautiful woman turns 80 years young.


This is my amazing grandmother, MawMaw. Her birth name is Patsy, but her real name has been MawMaw ever since she had grandkids. I’m pretty sure that’s her legal name.

MawMaw is smart, wise, beautiful, a strong Christian wife, mom, and grandmother, and so so caring. Everyone loves MawMaw. I wish you could all know her because you would immediately see how wonderful she is, and I know she would impact you in such a marvelous way like she has impacted me and everyone else that has had the pleasure to be with her. She was a teacher for several years, but spent most of her time taking care of my PawPaw and her two kids (my Dad and Aunt). I have so many great memories with this amazing woman, and I treasure every moment I get to spend with her.

Since 80 is a pretty big birthday, we decided to surprise her yesterday! My parents told my MawMaw and PawPaw they would come over for lunch to celebrate her birthday, but they said they were the only ones who could make it. MawMaw and PawPaw totally understood that we Β were all supposedly “busy”; they were just happy my parents were coming over. My parents told them they would bring food so they wouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Well my parents walked in and my grandparents closed the door. In about 15 seconds, my brother, SIL, aunt, cousin, her husband, their little boy, and Ryan and I came walking in their front door singing happy birthday. MawMaw’s jaw dropped. She was speechless. All of a sudden she just started crying and my grandfather did the same. It’s safe to say we surprised both of them. πŸ™‚


Here are my grandparents with their grandkids and great grandkids. My cousin, Grace, (the girl sitting on the couch on the right) is holding a picture of her sister, Catie, and her family since they weren’t able to make it. (They live far away and Catie is pregnant and due in January so there was no way they could make the trip.) With the picture of Catie, we are all included in this picture. πŸ™‚

We enjoyed some barbecue, green beans, macaroni and cheese, chips, veggies, and dips for lunch.


And of course birthday cake for dessert!


I loved started out the new year with family time!

IMG_5109 IMG_5115

My grandparents, Dad, and aunt.

IMG_5107 IMG_5113 IMG_5114

MawMaw, if you are reading this, I hope you know how much we all love you and are so thankful and grateful for everything you have done for all of us. You are such an amazing woman, and I look up to you so much. Thank you for being such an incredible role model for me. I LOVE YOU MAWMAW!

So that was our New Years Day. Ryan and I came home, relaxed, had leftovers for dinner, and watched House Hunters. It was a perfect way to start out 2014. πŸ™‚


1. What did you do for New Years?

2. Do you eat black eyed peas for good luck? I don’t like black eyed peas, but my mom always makes me eat some on New Years Day. I usually swallow them like a pill, but we had two dips with black eyed peas in them this year that were really good, so for the first time ever I enjoyed the black eyed peas I ate on New Years!

3. What was the last surprise birthday party you went to?

4. Tell me something about your grandparents you love!



  1. Aww, your MawMaw look GREAT for 80! Happy birthday to her!
    I did not have Black Eyed Peas to eat, but if I listened to their music, will that bring me luck instead? JP and I just stayed in and had a Walking Dead marathon and played video games. Since we spent the entire evening together – just us and the hounds, no distractions – it was pretty perfect!

  2. I bet your grandmother was so happy to have her loved ones with her on her birthday! I miss those times with my grandparents.

    I’ve kind of grown to like black-eyed peas. I ate some yesterday along with collard greens, so hopefully some money and luck will come my way in 2014 : )

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