It’s the Week of Christmas!!!!

Oh my goodness, Christmas is this week!! Actually it is three days away! I don’t know how it got here so fast, but I am so excited because this week is going to be so fun and festive, and I can’t way to celebrate with family all week!

Whenever I post on Sundays I usually like to share my meal plan for the week and if I remember I try to share the past week’s workouts. Well this week’s meal plan doesn’t require much for me because Ryan and I will be with family most of the time. Here is a layout of the week though.

Monday: last date of the 12 dates of Christmas, which means this is the night Ryan and I celebrate Christmas together. We will have homemade pizza, exchange gifts, and read the Christmas story from the Bible.

Tuesday: Christmas Eve! Ryan has to work a half day, but as soon as he gets home we are heading to my parents house and will have dinner there with my family. For Christmas Eve we always have ham sandwiches and then a bunch of snack foods (chips, dips, meat, cheese, and crackers, fruit, and plenty of desserts). I love the huge spread of food we always have on Christmas Eve! Ryan and I will stay at my parents’ house this night, and so will my brother and SIL, so it should be fun. 🙂

Wednesday: CHRISTMAS DAY! We will wake up to see what Santa Clause brought us (obviously), and then we will exchange gifts. My family does it where each person opens a gift so that we can all watch. We only open one at a time though, and we go youngest to oldest, so I am always first. 🙂 We will have a huge breakfast at my aunt and uncle’s house with the rest of my family and then head back to my parents. We will just have leftovers for whatever meals we have at my parents’ house for the rest of the day, and that night Ryan and I will drive back home.

Thursday: Ryan has to work and we will eat whatever we can find at home. As soon as Ryan leaves from work we will head to his parents’ house to celebrate Christmas for the whole weekend. Ryan’s parents live farther from us than my parents, so we had to go at a time when we could stay for a while, which was the weekend since Ryan is off work this Friday. I will pack us dinner to eat on the road while we drive.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: We will be with Ryan’s family and eat whatever we have there! Ryan’s brothers and their wives and kids will be coming in Saturday so we will get to have a full day of the whole family together! Sunday afternoon Ryan and I will head back home since Ryan will have to work that Monday. 

This is our full, festive, family-filled Christmas week! This is seriously my favorite time of year! It is also pretty nice that I don’t have to plan a bunch of meals for this week. But I will be making some treats to take to our families’ houses so we don’t come empty handed. 🙂 

I would share my workouts with you from this past week, but I didn’t write them down, and I don’t remember them all. Oops! Besides, I should probably get ready for church! I hope you all have a great Sunday!


1. What are your Christmas plans this week?

2. Are you hosting people at your house or are you staying with family?

3. What are you cooking this week? 

4. Favorite food on Christmas? Mine has to be biscuits with sausage gravy and huge, soft cinnamon rolls. 🙂



  1. We’re spending Christmas Eve with my husband’s family in Rhode Island, and then will be spending Christmas Day at my parents (after JP and I exchange gifts on Christmas morning). My parents only live 5 minutes down the road, so luckily we won’t have to drive too far away!

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