Strong Legs Workout

I am loving the change of weather here in Texas! The temperatures finally aren’t freezing anymore, and by the afternoon it was in the 60s. I am planning on getting in a 7 mile run this afternoon, and I hope to throughly enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts. This Saturday is my 15k race with my dad, so I want to be ready for that. I am only doing this race for fun, but I still want to make sure I am ready for it.

Yesterday I ran four miles and then did a leg strengthening circuit later that night. I really liked this leg workout, and even though I wouldn’t normally do this as the only workout for my day, I think it is a great addition to some cardio you have already done in your workout.

Strong Legs Circuit

  • *15 squats
  • 10 fire hydrants each leg
  • 15 ham curls on ball
  • 45 second plank
  • 15 donkey kicks each leg
  • 45 second wall sit
  • 30 second side plank each side

I went through this circuit for a total of three times, and I could definitely feel it in my legs. The * by squats means I used weight for that exercise. I used my Bodylastics resistance band. And yes, I will be using green and red colors every time I get the chance until Christmas. 🙂

So last week when I shared my Icy Weather Holiday Workout, I asked y’all a few questions about pic monkey, and all of your suggestions were very helpful. However, I don’t think I will be able to make the pic monkey pictures bigger on my blog (or change the size of any of my pictures I put on here) until I upgrade my blog and make it my own (without at the end). Maybe I am wrong about changing the size of pictures; let me know if I am mistaken and if there is a way I can still change the size of images. I am obviously not technically savvy. 😉 But, I am really thinking about making my blog my own soon, what do you think?

Since the images I make on pic monkey turn out really small on my blog, I am not going to make any more cute images until I can figure out how to make the size bigger. I know there is no point in making a cute “pin worthy” image if no one can read it! So for now, y’all will just have to read my bulleted list for my workouts. Sorry!

On a different note, can y’all believe Christmas is 8 days away?? I feel like this Christmas season is just flying by! Last week I wrote that I was almost done Christmas shopping, but I haven’t done anymore since last Monday, so I still have those few gifts left to get. I am hoping to get some of those presents today and to get some wrapping done. I didn’t even get wrapping paper until yesterday, but now I am ready to start wrapping and putting presents under our tree!

Check out this super cute ornament Ryan surprised me with yesterday.


I almost cried when he gave me this; I absolutely love it!! My parents actually gave us a “First Married Christmas” ornament the day after Thanksgiving, but Ryan surprised me with a “First Engaged Christmas” ornament last year, and I was really glad that he surprised me again. 🙂

I am about to go eat breakfast though before I start my day. I am planning on sharing a fun holiday recipe with y’all soon that also makes great, affordable gifts!


1. What part of your body do you feel that you seem to neglect the most when it comes to strength training? I feel like I don’t work on strengthening my legs the most. I guess I have a bad habit of thinking that since I already run on my legs I should work on strengthening something else, but I know strengthening my legs will just make me a better runner!

2. Tips for buying my blog so it will be my own?

3. Do you enjoy getting special ornaments? Have you got any special ornaments this year?





  1. I used Bluehost as my server for self-hosted and I used GoDaddy for my domain. The domain is easy to get and costs less than $20. When you make images in PicMonkey, if we click on them in your post, it does make them bigger so we can see. Also it is larger if I save it to my computer and open it as a preview. Just a little FYI 🙂 I don’t believe there are any problems to pin it either! Enjoy your run today. Love that you and your dad ru nit!

  2. Can’t you buy your blog out through WordPress? I believe that is what I did with my old blog (before SImply Southern Stacie). Then stupid GoDaddy bought out my domain name once I let it expire…I was not happy, needless to say lol. As far as a server goes…I’m not help. My friend hosts my blog on his server.

  3. I went the same route as Heather (fitncookies). It may seem intimidating at first, but there are so many turtorials out there that will literally walk you step by step. I say take a leap & go for it =)

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