Fun Facts Friday

I just have a few random facts to share with y’all today, and I have a busy day ahead, so here you go!

1. We had so much fun with some of our best friends last night! It was a great way to start the 12 dates of Christmas. From the couples left to right it’s Tanner, Chelsea, Ryan, me, Bryan, and Ruth. Bryan and Ruth got married on August 10, 2012. Chelsea and Tanner got engaged on August 11,2012, and Ryan and I got engaged August 15, 2012. Then Chelsea and Tanner got married this past May, and we got married in June. It was funny how everything happened so close together. 🙂

Photo on 12-12-13 at 10.27 PM

We had a taco bar for dinner (didn’t get a picture), and then I had plenty of snacks set up on the table for us to eat before we started the meal.


I am pretty sure we were all stuffed when we finished eating.

2. I GRADUATE COLLEGE TOMORROW! I am seriously so excited about this! I can’t believe how fast college has gone by though. I feel like I just got to college, but I guess I have really been in college for 3 and a half years. Time flies.

3. Today Ryan and I are going back to our college town because I have had a certain scholarship the whole time I have been in college, and there is a reception for the students who have this scholarship and are graduating tomorrow. My mom will be there too, so it should be fun!

4. Since we are going back to our college town, we get to have dinner with one of my best friends ever and my maid of honor at our wedding, Marlee! I haven’t seen her since this summer and I am so excited!!

2013-03-22 21.51.58

5. My in-laws are coming to stay with us tonight to come to my graduation. I feel so loved, I am going to get to see so much family this weekend! My graduation isn’t until 1:30 in the afternoon, so in the morning, Ryan and I are having breakfast with both of our parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and one set of my grandparents. More of my family will be at my graduation, and then my mom is having  celebratory party at their house afterwards! I feel so loved!

6. Sunday we are celebrating Christmas with one side of my grandparents! I am so excited! I love that the Christmas festivities are already starting up!


1. What are your plans for today and this weekend?

2. Have you started any Christmas celebrations yet?

3. Favorite way to Christmas shop, in stores or online? I have really gotten to like online shopping, but I still like getting out and seeing all of the stores decorated with Christmas music playing. I definitely think there are some things you just have to see in person before you buy. So I guess I like to have a mix of both. 🙂



  1. I’m just so happy for you girl! Graduating from college was one of the happiest (and scariest) times of my life. I was looking forward to the future not knowing what to expect. How blessed you are to be able to share your special time with a husband who loves you AND so much family around you. Soak up every second of tomorrow and enjoy it to the fullest!

  2. Congrats on graduating this weekend! It’s so exciting seeing all your hard work pay off : )

    I do a lot of online shopping throughout the year, so at Christmas time I try to make an effort to go to stores. Plus I just love the Christmas atmosphere!

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