Thanksgiving 2013 and Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K

Well I think today is even colder here than it was yesterday, which means the roads are just as bad and icy. This means the Hubs and I have another relaxing day at home, and I’m not complaining! It’s really nice being able to just relax with Ryan and not worry about anything else. We have been so busy lately, so this is rejuvenating!

On a side note, I want to give a big thank you to all of you who commented on my post yesterday about my big news. All of you were so sweet and I love how the blogging community truly cares for other people they meet and are happy for others when exciting things happen to them. Y’all are awesome. 🙂

Okay, so I am totally late on doing a recap of my Thanksgiving. Right now, all of the blog posts are about good Christmas gifts to buy this year, and I’m going to be over here writing about Thanksgiving. Oh well.

So I never took any pictures of my food I ate on Thanksgiving (I guess I was too busy eating everything to think about taking pictures 😉 ), but I will share all of the pictures I have.

I think I mentioned in my post on Thanksgiving Eve that Ryan’s oldest brother, Jared, his wife, Krystal, and their three kids were staying with us last week Wednesday through Saturday. We had a blast with them, and it was so nice seeing our nieces and nephew!

IMG_4567 IMG_4568 IMG_4650

Friday morning, my heart melted when this sweet boy came in to me and Ryan’s room and asked for Aunt Becky and put up his arms for me to hold him.


Sweet kids!

On Thanksgiving morning we took pictures with Ryan’s family for his parents’ Christmas card. I won’t put the whole family picture since that will be on their Thanksgiving picture, but here are some of the other pictures we took.

Ryan and Me 2013 Thanksgiving IMG_4578

Ryan, his two older brothers, and all of us wives! Ryan and his brothers all look really alike! And I think my two sister-in-laws and I look pretty alike too!

Billups Boys

Ryan, his brothers, and his Dad.

Bob and Billups Girls

Ryan’s parents, their three daughter-in-laws, and their two granddaughters.

After pictures we went to Ryan’s grandparents’ house for lunch. We stayed there for most of the afternoon until we headed to my aunt and uncle’s house to have dinner with my family for Thanksgiving.


Sorry for the super bad lighting.


After two big Thanksgiving meals we were stuffed! I made sure I didn’t eat too much at either meal since I knew we would be having a big lunch and dinner, but I was still full after all of that food! Ryan and I were very lucky though that we were able to see both of our families! We had a fantastic first married Thanksgiving!

Friday I read all morning so that I could finish “Catching Fire”, and I finished it! Then Ryan, Jared, Krystal, and I went to the movies to see it. It was so good! I highly recommend reading the book and watching it. The third book of the Hunger Games series is on my Christmas list!

Saturday morning Ryan and I ran in an Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k with Jared, Krystal, Brandon, Brigette (Ryan’s brothers and their wives), the three kids, and Brandon and Brigette’s dog, Champ.


We mostly walked the whole thing, but we ran quite a bit too for having three kids and a little dog! The main part is that we all had a blast! We all don’t get to hang out enough, so this was very special.


There was also a competition for ugliest Christmas sweater, and Brandon went up to see if he could win. We all cheered and yelled for him as much as we could, but he didn’t win. 😦


Everyone who did the race got these super cool hats. I know, super stylish.

There were hot chocolate stops in the middle of the race, and I don’t like hot chocolate, but the people who do like hot chocolate seemed to really enjoy it!


We ended our weekend by being Mary and Joseph in one of our church’s Christmas programs and having lunch with both my parents and Ryan’s parents. This was really special because Ryan’s parents don’t live close, so we never get to have time with my parents and his parents together.

So sorry for the super late recap, but I had to do it! But I am in total Christmas mood now, and I can’t wait to get out and do some Christmas shopping next week! For now, I am going to enjoy being home with the Hubs! I hope you all have a great weekend!


1. Have you ever done an Ugly Christmas sweater 5k or party?

2. What are your weekend plans?

3. Favorite Christmas movie? I have too many favorites to pick! The first ones that come to mind are Jingle All the Way, Elf, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas!



  1. Those family pictures are so beautiful! I love the red, white and blue theming (whether intentional or not)!

    I haven’t heard about ugly sweater 5Ks, but I think it sounds like a fabulous idea! My town needs to get on that!

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! And the color scheme was planned. 🙂 You can’t really tell in these pictures, but the colors were actually blue, cream, and purple. But I can definitely see where it looks like red, white, and blue. 🙂 Oh and you should definitely try to find an Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k and do it; it’s so fun!

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