I know it has been over a week since I last wrote; I’m sorry this is just a really busy time for me right now. By the end of this post you will know why. πŸ™‚ I had a fabulous Thanksgiving that I still need to do a recap over, and did a fun Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k that was a blast, but I will recap those things later. Today, I have much bigger, better news to share. But since it’s Friday, and I haven’t done a Faith in my Friday in a long time, I thought this post was perfect to link up with Melissa. Thanks for always hosting Melissa!

Faith in my Friday pic

So as many of you know, since January of this year I have been student teaching. I graduate college next Saturday, December 14, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have had an incredible student teaching experience, but I am ready to have my own job, and to be honest, I am ready to make some money too (not that teachers have a ballin salary or anything like that πŸ˜‰ ). I knew that since I was graduating in December it would be hard to find a job immediately since it would be the middle of the school year. I was aware that I would probably have to substitute for the rest of this school year before I could get hired for the next school year. And I was totally fine with this. However…

I GOT OFFERRED A TEACHING JOB THIS WEEK!!! πŸ™‚ I could not be more excited, thankful, happy or grateful. I will get to stay at the school where I have been student teaching since August, which is another huge blessing because I like the teachers I will be working with, I like the principal, and the school is close to my house! When my principal offered me the job I hugged her and told her this was the greatest Christmas present I could have gotten!

Now, you may be wondering why I decided to link up with Faith in my Friday about this post. The reason is because I give God ALL the glory about this job. The Lord continues to bless Ryan and I, and it is amazing to see how the Lord has made everything workout perfectly according to His plan ever since we got married. Pretty much everything that has happened to Ryan and I has been different than how we planned or envisioned things in our heads. But everything that has happened has been so much better than either of us could have ever imagined! This past year has been such a reminder to me that the Lord’s plan is always sovereign and is always better. God sees the big picture. We don’t see the big picture. It’s simple. I don’t know why we even think that our plan could even compare to His plan. But I sure am glad that the Lord has a plan for me.

Jeremiah 29;11

To give you a little idea how the Lord has been working in our life, here you go.

Ryan and I got married on June 7 this year (I still need to write that wedding post!), and at the beginning of May, we still weren’t sure where Ryan would work or where we would live. By the time Ryan did get offered a job they told him he would have a six week training period and then be placed in another store. Not too bad, but they couldn’t tell him where his permanent store would be until after the six week training period. So basically, we had no idea what city to look in to find a house. We thought this was absolutely horrible, but looking back, we see how it was a blessing.

grateful heart

Because we didn’t know what city Ryan would be working in, we tried to pick a centrally located place that Ryan could drive just about any direction to get to where he might be working. When Ryan finally found out where his permanent store would be, we found out we didn’t live that close to it after all. We thought this was a bummer. Luckily, Ryan was only here for a few months before he got his new job that he loves, and it turns out where we live now is very close to his new work! Once again, the Lord knew Ryan would get the job he has now, and he knew that where we live now would be the perfect location for us.

All things

Also, if we didn’t live where we lived now, we would have never found our new church home, which we also love! Our church has been such a huge blessing, and we have met so many great people there already! The Lord knew we needed this church, and now we live within five minutes of it. I do not believe this is coincidence. This is the Lord’s will, and I know he played a part in making sure this all happened exactly as it should at the exact time it needed to happen.


This picture was taken last Sunday at our church; Ryan and I were Mary and Joseph in one of our church’s Christmas shows!

Another huge outcome of us moving to our new home was that I ended up switching to a new school for my student teaching. This was a hard decision for me to make, because I loved the school where I did my student teaching from January to May, and I hated the thought of leaving and maybe ending up at a school that I didn’t like. But, I knew the school where I had been was too far from where we lived now, and I needed to try to switch schools. (Ryan helped me make this hard decision to switch schools. He kept telling me I needed to be at a school closer, I knew he was right. My husband is so wise!) I ended up switching to the school where I am now hired, and like I said earlier, I LOVE my school and it’s so close to our home! Again, the Lord placed me exactly where I needed to be and in a great school! The Lord amazes me how when you are faithful to Him He blesses you.

I am not writing this post to brag on myself or the good things that have happened in my life, but I am bragging on my God and on how sovereign, wise, and mighty He is!

β€œLet him who boasts boast in the Lord. For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.” (NIV)

2 Corinthians 10:17-18

I am writing this to remind you that the Lord has a plan for you, and even if it doesn’t always seem like it, His plan is so much better than yours! You just have to trust in Him and put your faith in Him. This is much easier said than done, but I promise you, if you do this, you will not regret it in the long run.

On a totally different note,Β the weather is really bad here, and it is supposed to be all weekend. The roads are so bad that my school got cancelled, and Ryan’s work is closed today! So we are both enjoying a relaxing day in our warm, cozy home! It sure does feel like Christmas! πŸ™‚


I plan on eating some pancakes soon and watching Christmas movies all day! (With a workout happening sometime today πŸ™‚ ) Today was supposed to be my last day of student teaching, so I guess yesterday was my last day! I can’t believe my student teaching experience is finally over! I learned so much, and I am so excited to start my new job in January! As for now though, I am on Christmas break, and I plan on thoroughly enjoying this month off before I go back in January! πŸ™‚


1. Can you look back and see how the Lord has worked in your life and put you in certain places for a reason?

2. How do you like to celebrate when something big happens in your life? Ryan and I ate dinner at Panera bread and then had ice cream the night I got offered the job. πŸ™‚

3. How is the weather where you live?



  1. Woohoo!! So glad that you got a job! That is amazing! I also love your spirit of thankfulness. I can definitely look back in my life and see that exactly what needed to happen did happen, even if I didn’t know it then. When will you start your job??

  2. Congratulations! I am so excited for you!! It is the most incredible feeling to look back on your life and see the hand of God at work in such a tangible way. It’s like being able to see the picture on a puzzle instead of all of the little individual pieces and knowing that God was there all along with a plan even when you didn’t think so.

  3. Congratulations! I am so happy, and can only wish for my day to have a job come! I know you will be a fantastic teacher. Enjoy your snow day today.. that’s so fun! What a start to break πŸ™‚

  4. Congrats to you two!!!!!! I find that things always seem to workout in the end. I’m still trying to figure out what my true passion is and what I really want to do the rest if my life. I’m trying not to stress too much, because I have faith that everything will workout and I’ll be guided on the right path.

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