Thumbhole Weather and Living Room Arm Workout

I woke up at 4:45 this morning to go out for a five mile run. It was pretty windy, but I was excited that it was cool enough for me to wear this pullover with thumbholes.


As I am posting this picture, I am seeing that you can’t really tell in this picture that my pullover has thumbholes, it just looks like it is covering most of my hand, but I promise it has thumbholes. 🙂

The weather is finally getting colder here in Texas, and to be totally honest, I don’t like it. This morning during my run was the warmest it was all day. It just kept getting colder and windier as the day went by. I am very cold natured, and once I get cold it is very hard for me to warm up, which is why I am not a cold weather fan. It also doesn’t help that the school I am teaching at is an outdoor campus, so anytime we leave the classroom to go anywhere (bathroom, lunch, etc), we have to go outside, so I was having a hard time warming up today. There are some things I like about cold weather, like scarves, boots, cute hats, soups, chilli, and stews, I just hate the feeling of being cold. I know, I’m a baby.

Because it was so cold and I am at an outdoor campus, I obviously planned ahead and layered up.


Underneath my dress pants I wore black leggings and tall gray socks. You can’t see my upper body, but I wore a long sleeve shirt, sweater, and then I had a red jacket that I basically wore all day. And of course I had gloves. Yesterday I was brainstorming on what I should bring to cover my ears from now on…

I don’t have much time, but I do want to share an arm workout I did last night with y’all. And since I did this in the living room watching T.V. with Ryan, obviously I got super creative with the name for this workout.

Living Room Arm Workout

Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions
Shoulder Press
Hammer Curls
Diamond Push-Ups
Arm Raises
Wide Flys

Do 10 reps of each exercise, and do a total of 3 sets! I used my resistance bands, but you could use dumbbells. Use whatever weight will be challenging for you. This is a perfect workout when paired with some type of cardio! I did a 20 minute HIIT workout before this, and it was a perfect combo!

As always, if you do this workout please let me know what you think!

Oh, and one more thing! I graduate in a little over a month, and I have a lot to do before then! I am definitely ready for this semester to be over so I can have a sense of relief. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts that I can just get through this next month!


1. Do you like cold weather or warm weather better?

2. Favorite part of cold weather? For me, the cute clothes and warm soups 🙂

3. Do you like to workout in your living room?



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