Last Week’s Workouts and Meal Prep

I know I have said this before, but I absolutely love Sundays. They are so relaxing to me, and when I can relax on Sundays, my week just seems to start off so much better.

I started off today by making these delicious peanut butter flax pancakes from Karey over at Nuttyabouthealth.


I topped mine with peanut butter, half of a banana, and some frozen strawberries that I microwaved. These were so good, and I definitely plan on making them again and trying more of Karey’s recipes!

The rest of my day will consist of church, relaxing with Ryan, reading while Ryan watches football, maybe going for a run, maybe playing disc golf with the Hubs, and for sure some food prep for the week!

I have found that when I do food prep on Sundays it makes all of my meals easier for the week. I like to try to go ahead and wash all of my fruits and vegetables for the week.


All of these pictures are from last weekend by the way. I had more vegetables in here than this, but I had already took some of them out before I snapped a picture.

I also like to peel and chop any veggies that need peeling and chopping.


Two pounds of carrots peeled and chopped.


A yellow bell pepper chopped and ready for eating! Having vegetables like this already ready makes me much more likely to eat them. Plus, it saves you from washing your knives and cutting boards every single time you want to cut some of these foods up.

I also like to bake whatever vegetables I have for that week.


I baked some eggplant, seasoned with salt and pepper and some coconut oil


Then I baked brocolli, squash, zucchini, and mushrooms. Again, with some coconut oil and salt and pepper.


Then I peeled and cut a butternut squash and drizzled it with some coconut oil and salt and pepper, then baked it. Butternut squash has been my FAVORITE lately!


Then for snacks I made some more of my pumpkin cranberry nut bars.

This week I have some brocolli, squash, and brussel sprouts to make for vegetables, and then I need to chop up some bell pepper and finish washing my fruits. I also want to make some granola for snacking and roast some chickpeas and black beans to have for some meatless protein.

If you don’t meal prep on weekends, I highly suggest it if you have time. Yes, it takes up a lot of your time on one day, but it saves you so much time during the week, which to me, makes up for that loss of time on one day. Besides, for me, I know I have more time to cook healthy foods on weekends than on week nights. And I am much more likely to have healthier meals, sides, and snacks if they are already made.

Last Week’s Workouts

Monday: full body tabata workout by Tina

Tuesday: Tina’s stability ball ab circuit and Heather’s crazy cardio circuit

Wednesday: Tina’s Boot Camp Workout and 50 minute walk in the afternoon.

Thursday: 6 mile run

Friday: Danica’s upper body and core strength circuit and 30 minute walk/run with the Hubs and dogs.

Saturday: disc golf with the Hubs! (I ran every time I went to get my disc, and would randomly do squats and push-ups 🙂 )

I mentioned in one of my most recent posts about why I had to change up some of my workouts this past week, and it ended up being really good for me! I was happy with this week’s workouts.

Okay, now to enjoy my Sunday! I hope everyone else does too and gets some rest for the week!


Do you meal prep on the weekends?

What are some of your favorite vegetables? I need new ones to try!

What was your favorite workout you did this past week? 



  1. I hope you liked the upper body workout!

    I just finished doing a lot of meal prep for the week. I work or am busy a few nights this week and my husband has a lot of work to get done before Friday, so I made a lot of dinners/meals to have ready to eat. I love how much I can get done in just an hour(ish) in the kitchen and how much time it’ll save in the upcoming week!

  2. I’m glad you liked my pancake recipe so much!! It’s definitely a favorite of mine. 🙂
    Great job on the workouts too, wow! Oh, & those cranberry bars… yum!!
    I agree, food prep is where it’s at… I’m currently cooking some chicken & sweet potato w/cinnamon slices.

  3. Before being a stay at home wife, I’d always meal prep. It made our week much easier & convenient.Your workouts for the week look great. Danica and Heather really do share awesome ones!

    Have a Happy Monday,

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