The Reason Why Runners Love Running

Yesterday the weather here was beautiful so I was finally able to go on my first run of the week!


It was cold in the morning, so I waited until I got home from school, and by then the sun was shining, and it felt incredible outside.

fall run

I decided to run six miles, and as I started my first mile I felt like I was going faster than normal, and it felt great! I felt so energized, and I was so happy while I was running. I was running harder than normal, but I wasn’t feeling like I was torturing myself going so hard. I was just enjoying an afternoon run.

Before I go any further, let me explain how my runs usually go when I am running by myself. I usually end up running way slower than I actually can because I am afraid to go too fast and kill myself by the end. I usually average somewhere in the upper 8 minutes per mile, like anywhere from maybe 8:40-8:50 per mile. If my average pace is below 8:50 per mile, I am happy with that. Usually my last mile might even be like 8:20 because by then I am like, “wow, I only have one more mile left, I have a lot left in me! I am going to push it!” I think I have a problem pushing myself when it is just me, because when I race I run much faster. I need to find a way to be able to push myself when I am running without anyone else.

Okay, so there was that side note, back to my run yesterday. I was feeling great during my first mile, and when my watch vibrated after my first mile, I saw that my pace was 8:34! I was pleasantly surprised, and thought, “I have to keep this up!” Usually my first mile is always my slowest, so I couldn’t believe my time! I kept telling myself I couldn’t slow down.

Now, even though I kept reminding myself to keep up my pace, I did it naturally. I seriously just felt so good and energized. I finished my second mile and looked at my watch. 8:34. I was excited, but I knew I couldn’t let up now. I kept going, and I still felt great. Third mile: 8:20.

WHAT??? Who was I? How was I running so much faster than normal? I didn’t know, but I was loving it! I kept going and kept trying to go faster. Surprisingly, I was able to pretty easily go faster without any type of pain. Fourth mile: 8:17.

I had two miles left, and no way was I going to let these next two miles be slower than before! My times had got better or stayed the same every mile, and I wanted that pattern to keep up. 5th mile: 8:06.

1 mile left! I gave it everything I got! 6th mile: 7:25!!!!! Seriously, I was ECSTATIC! My average time ended up being 8:13, and I was so happy about it.


I couldn’t wait for Ryan to come home to tell him. He is always telling me I could run way faster than I do, so I knew he would be proud of me. Also, in case you were wondering, most of my run wasn’t even downhill; it was more uphill!


Since my time was so much faster than normal, it would make sense that I was totally exhausted afterwards, and that after my run I felt like I pushed myself to the max. I actually didn’t. I felt like I pushed myself a little harder than normal, but not just like a ton more. I wasn’t exhausted, but I felt like I had so much energy! Yesterday proved to me that I can run much faster than I think if I just push myself some more. I am very excited for my next run! πŸ™‚

I started wondering how I had so much energy yesterday and why it was so much easier than normal for me to run faster? Maybe it had something to do with my change in workouts that I mentioned in yesterday’s post?Β Maybe it had to do with the delicious homemade plantain bread that I ate with peanut butter before my run with pineapple and grapes? Maybe it had to do with the fact that I have been adding more speed workouts. I think the speed workouts and the fact that I have done more strength this week and less running than normal play the biggest part. I am not so sure if the plantain bread and peanut butter helped, but if I say it did it gives me an excuse to eat more, so I’m going to make that one of my reasons. πŸ˜‰

My run yesterday reminded me why I and so many other runners LOVE running! It gives you that feeling you can just run forever. It is a time where you can just be thankful for the things in your life, including your ability to move and be active. (I feel we often take this for granted, when this is a HUGE gift and blessing.) It is a time where you can push yourself and see just how much your body can take. It is a time where you can work and train hard, and then see the results from your training and dedication. It teaches you the importance of self-discipline, and I believe it gives you a feeling of confidence.

run to add days

It can be easy to forget why we love running when we get so caught up in races, times, and setting a new PR. Today, try to remember why you love running and try to really enjoy your next run, because I believe if you are really enjoying yourself, you will run better and have a faster time. And if you don’t have a better time, who cares. At least you are enjoying yourself. πŸ™‚


If you aren’t a runner, try to remember why you love whatever it is you do when you workout. If you are a weight lifting lover, remember why it is you love that and enjoy your next weight lifting session! Working out is so much more fun when we let ourselves enjoy it! Find how you love to be active and do it!

I did not publish this post to brag on myself or my running time from yesterday. I was just sharing how much I enjoyed my time, and how by pushing myself a little harder than normal, I was able to surprise myself with a faster time than normal. The point of this post is not for anyone to compare themselves to me, it is just supposed to be an encouragement to get out there, push yourself, and enjoy your workout. I know there are many of you out there who are much faster than me, and y’all are awesome! πŸ™‚ We are not competing against anyone. Just do your best and don’t compare yourself to others. That’s never fun. πŸ™‚


1. Why do you enjoy running or lifting weights, or whatever your favorite exercise is?

2. Are you like me and find it hard to push yourself when you are running by yourself? Any tips for me on how to push myself when no one else is running with me?

3. What are you excited about this weekend?Β 

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!Β 



  1. So nice to share in your joy! I have never been able to enjoy long distance runs, instead I LOVE HIIT…especially on the beach. My goal is always just to have fun and that’s also when I find I push myself the hardest because I’m just playing. I think kids have it right – when you just let go and play, the results are far greater than when you are stressed or forcing yourself to do something.

  2. Ah yes I know that feeling so well! I am actually my own biggest competition. Which is a good and a bad thing. I have the tendency to push myself too far and lose sight of the fact that our bodies need to ease into things, not be pushed to their limit right off the bat. But yes I have to agree, that feeling of running a faster mile than your last is incredibly exhilarating!

  3. Those are amazing splits! Congrats! Gotta love that runner’s high. And I agree, running in the fall is the best!

    My birthday is on Sunday, so I’m hopefully going to the Georgia Aquarium and having dinner with some friends.

  4. I also find it really hard to push myself when I run alone. All my runs are alone, with the exception of a few with my husband. I also race much faster than when I run by myself.

    I’m finding lately that the treadmill actually gets me to run faster because I just want to get off the dang thing and be done! Lately, I run after work now and I feel way more motivated to run because I just sat all day. So I’ve noticed my pace is a little faster than normal. It’s awesome to see that you CAN go faster!

    1. I think I might run faster in the afternoons too because I am just so ready to work up a good sweat! Since I’m teaching, I don’t sit all day, but I am still always ready for a good workout when I get home if I didn’t work out that morning.

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