How to Change Up Your Workout Routine and Why It’s Important

It’s Thursday, which means we are almost to Friday and the weekend! Whoo! Yesterday ended up being a good day for me, not for any particular reason; I think it was just me choosing to see the positive in the day and be thankful for the little things. 


I am thankful for the beautiful nature I encountered on my 50 minute walk  yesterday afternoon.


I am thankful that I could be in my pajamas and have my makeup off by 7:00 p.m. last night.


I am thankful for this homemade plaintain bread from purelytwins, and how easy it is to make.

Anyways, back to the point of this post, I have had to unexpectedly change up my workouts this week. The weather where I live has been really crummy this week. It has been rainy and cloudy all week, which means I haven’t been able to run. 😦 (This afternoon it finally got nice, but I was going to church for dinner and didn’t want to run and get sweaty right before I left, so I went on a walk instead.) In case you haven’t noticed or can’t tell from the name of my blog, I love to run and I run pretty often. A lot of my workouts have to do with running, but I do definitely still believe in the importance of strength training and cross training, so I incorporate these things as well.


Not being able to run outside has forced me to do even more strength training and cross training than usual, and I have really enjoyed it! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely miss being able to run, but I like changing things up in my workouts. The best part is my body is much more sore than normal, and I know it is because I am working it out differently than I usually do. Instead of alternating days between cardio and strength, or doing a combination of running with a little bit of strength exercises, my workouts have consisted of a lot more strength and I have incorporated cardio with short bursts of certain exercises that also incorporate strength. My body isn’t used to all of this, and I can tell I am challenging myself.

Anytime I am sore I feel great about myself because I know that means I am challenging my body and improving myself. I find it is really easy to get into a workout rut and begin to do the same workouts over and over again. Eventually, your body just gets used to certain workouts and it no longer challenges you anymore.


This is why I think it is extremely important to change things up in your workout routine and do new things you have never done before. If you continue to do the same workout routine day after day, your body will eventually plateau and you won’t be improving or challenging yourself anymore. The more you challenge your body the more calories you should burn and the more muscle you should gain.

I have also found that doing the same workouts can get really boring, so keep your workouts interesting and fun by switching things up a bit!

So how can you switch up your workout? Here are a few ways:

  • Add sprints or hills to your workout if you run a lot
  • Run different routes you have never run before
  • Challenge yourself with a long running distance 
  • Use different machines at the gym
  • Change the number of reps you do of exercises
  • Change the amount of weight you use for strength exercises
  • If you focus on certain muscles each day of the week, switch up what days you work on certain muscles
  • Increase the intensity of a workout. (Make your workout shorter, but do everything faster so you are still getting in the same workout in less time)
  • Change the order of the exercises you perform (doesn’t seem like a big deal, but just doing a certain workout routine backwards makes a difference on your body!)

So there are a few tips! I hope these are helpful!

Do you have any tips on how to change up your normal workout routine that I didn’t mention?

Do you ever get bored doing the same type of workout multiple times? 

Favorite type of workout? 

Any good workouts I should try?

What are you thankful for today? 



    1. I like to switch it up too, but this week made me realize that I always do strength on certain days, and on certain days I do long runs, and just by switching that up was so good for me! Like you though, I always do different types of workouts.

  1. Those are all really great tips! One way I like to challenge myself physically is by taking an exercise class. Sometimes they really help push you outside of your comfort zone.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure one of the best feelings in the world is to be in pajamas and make-up free by 7:00 PM : )

    1. I love exercise classes too! I actually used to be a group fitness instructor before we moved. But we haven’t been able to find an affordable gym in our area right now, so I haven’t been able to take group classes in a while. 😦

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