When the World is Screaming…Just Listen for the Peace

Well hey there friends! First off, Happy Halloween!!

I feel like it has been ages since I last wrote, but this past week and a half has been crazy busy!  I am jealous of all of you awesome bloggers who have figured out how to balance life, work, family, fitness, blogging, and everything else. I am still trying to find the best way to fit blogging into my schedule. So blogging pros, I’ll take any tips you have!

So with the craziness of this past week and a half, I felt like my world was moving 90 to nothing. I have been going to school every day and teaching my lovely first graders, last Thursday and Friday I had seminar at my university, and this past weekend was full of cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, and celebrating my grandfather’s 82nd birthday. I am one of those people who can’t sit still long. I always feel like I have something to do or work that needs to be done, and if I think for a minute that I don’t have anything to do, I can pretty much guarantee that within a few minutes  I will find something I should do.

always being busy syndrome

This past Sunday I did something I don’t normally do. I went out for a relaxing run before church while Ryan was still asleep. Sundays are my rest day so I usually just sleep as long as my body will let me, and then I will fix breakfast and do things on my computer before I start to get ready. This run calmed me and cleared my mind more than ever. I stepped outside with my earbuds in my ears and right before I pushed the play button on my phone, I heard birds chirping. I didn’t start to play my music immediately, but I just stood there and listened before I started my run. Everything was quiet except for the birds that occasionally chirped. It sounded beautiful, so I started my run in silence. I began to pray and just thank the Lord for everything in my life. Then I decided to start my music, but I quickly realized that this morning was much too beautiful and peaceful for me to mess it up by blaring music in my ears. I turned it off and continued to pray. I asked that the Lord would prepare Ryan and I for church, and that we would be open to His Word and whatever He wants to teach us that day. I admired the nature and the quiet that was surrounding me. I heard the occasional car, but the roads really weren’t that busy. When I arrived home after my run I felt so at peace, and I was ready to face the day. I know I wouldn’t have felt this way if I had listened to music during my run.

psalm 46-10

This verse came to my mind. I definitely am guilty of not being still and just being in awe of God’s presence. This is something I need to pray for more and word towards.

Now, saying what I just said, I am not going to never run with music again. I ran 7 miles yesterday with music. I just think at times it is best to not have so much noise in our lives. With all of the technology in our world, it is easy to feel like our minds need to constantly be entertained. But the face is, sometimes we just need to reflect on what the Lord is doing in our life and what else He wants to do in our life.

Catch up on Life

Since I have been MIA in the blog world lately, here are a few pictures from last week. 🙂


This was after a sweaty afternoon run. The sun was in my eyes so just excuse the squinty eyes. 🙂


I added some spinach to my pumpkin protein pancakes, and you couldn’t even taste them! Score for adding vegetables into meal #1!


Last Friday Ryan and I went out to eat with his middle brother, Brandon, and his wife, Brigette. They don’t live int the area, but were here for the weekend for Brigette’s first half marathon last Saturday. We met them and Brigette’s mom and friend at Macaroni Grill for a fun filled night. Ryan’s birthday is on November 4 and Brandon’s is on November 6, so we figured it was close enough to their birthday to celebrate. So they got free desserts. But that wasn’t the best part…


The best part was this guy singing happy birthday to them. His voice was awesome! Oh, another good part is that last Friday was actually Ryan and Brandon’s oldest brother’s real birthday, but he doesn’t live close either. So naturally Ryan and Brandon sent him a picture of their free desserts and said happy birthday. 🙂


To the left of me is Brigette, and on the right is her friend Grace. FYI, they both had an awesome race on Saturday!


And obviously we needed this picture. And obviously I needed to share it with all of you.

So there you go! I hope everyone has a great day!


1. Is it hard for you to be still and quiet in God’s presence?

2. What are your Halloween plans? Ryan and I are helping at our church with their Halloween event!

3. Favorite Halloween costume you have ever seen? 



  1. Wow, being still is definitely hard for me, but sometimes you do it and then realize how important it is to MAKE yourself take some time, breathe, and just be quiet. I’m always plugged in. TV on, computer open, texting…it’s like I’ve forgotten to just take a moment and be, so thanks for the reminder!

  2. I agree that being still can be a really hard lesson to learn. As much as I love to “rest” on Sunday, I will say that Sunday runs, although rare, are normally a great time to worship God and refocus.

  3. Oh, girl you know I can relate to this a lot! I have a hard time not being on that always busy syndrome treadmill. I find that lately, I may be able to blog every day, but I can’t even relax in my own home anymore. I feel like I must always work. I know God didn’t design me this way, and it’s very hard to operate any other way.

    Love the lips picture, btw. You’re so pretty, Becky!

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