I Can’t Help But to Share

I had a few other ideas I was going to write about for today, and I actually had a post already written about my most recent race, but after I spent some time reading the Word, I put those ideas to the side. I couldn’t help but to share this.

This post will be short and sweet, but this was such a great reminder of how we as Christians should live. Here are a few verses that really spoke to me. I hope they speak to you as well.

Isaiah 12: 4-6

“And you will say in that day: ‘Give thanks to The Lord, call upon his name, MAKE KNOWN his deeds among the peoples, proclaim that his name is exalted. Sing praises to The Lord, for he has done GLORIOUSLY; let this be made known in all the earth. Shout, and sing for Joy, O inhabitant of Zion, for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.'” 

As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit in our midst, and this is so GLORIOUS!! We need to be making Him and all of his deeds known in everything we do every day! I know I already knew this, but God spoke to me through His Word today, and I needed to be reminded of this today.

This is why, even though I consider this to be a healthy living blog, I try to keep Jesus in the center because my whole life is His, and I try to dedicate everything I do to Him. After all, I believe a life isn’t truly healthy without Jesus in it anyways. 🙂

Has God spoken to you lately through Scripture? If so, what verse?

What do you think of the verse I shared? 



  1. Beautiful! Whenever I’m reading the Bible, it seems like there is always a verse that seems so correlated to my life at the moment. It’s so crazy but so comforting at the same time 🙂

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