When You Have a Bad Run…

Sadly, as runners, not all of our runs are good, fast, or full of energy. Some of our runs are slow, hard, and just not enjoyable. Sadly, this morning was not my best run. 😦

I have tried to increase my mileage in my long runs, so last Saturday I ran the longest distance I have ever run, 14 miles. I felt great, was happy with my time, and was so ecstatic I was smiling at the end of my run. Today, I decided to only run 7 miles since Ryan and I stayed with my parents last night and I didn’t want to spend as much of my Saturday morning running. As I was running today I just felt tired. Not like I can’t run tired, just I need more sleep tired. I couldn’t seem to push myself to run faster than I was going, even though I knew I was more than capable to go much faster than I was going. Several times during my run I considered stopping and ending early. But I couldn’t bring myself to do that and ended up finishing the seven miles I set out to do. My time was much slower than normal, but when I was finished I was at least happy that I finished what I said I would do that morning.

never regret a run

So what do I do when I have bad runs like this? Obviously tell myself that I am a horrible runner and I will be slow for the rest of my life. Just kidding. Please don’t ever tell yourself that. Everyone has bad runs just like every athlete has bad games, and just like every person has bad days. You have to tell yourself the next time will be better and then…GET OVER IT! Don’t kill yourself. I mean after all, it was just a run. It’s not life or death. 

good and bad runs

But you should think about why you had a bad run so that you can try to have a better run the next time. For me this morning, I knew I had not had enough sleep (I went to bed at 11:00 pm last night! My body was probably in shock since I like to be in bed by 9:30 🙂 ) I think I was also just tired from the week. So since I knew I needed more sleep, after I came home and had breakfast (oatmeal with a banana, blueberries, and peanut butter. Yum!) I took a much needed hour nap. Tomorrow is also my rest day, so I am sure that by then I will feel much better and I look forward to a successful, enjoyable run!

Some other reasons you might not have a good run is because of lack of proper nutrition the night before, an overworked body, or lack of good running apparel. Just take the time to think about what it is that you need to do to make sure your next run is better.

Okay, on a brighter note, let’s take it back to yesterday morning. Fridays I like to do some other form of exercise besides running since I like to go for a long run on Saturday. I started out and rode 30 minutes on my bike. Since it was dark I obviously had to bring the headlamp out.


Please ignore my sleepy, no make-up face, and my crazy hair. It is 5 something in the morning, give me a break. 🙂

After my bike ride I wanted to do a strength workout for my arms, but I didn’t have much time before I started getting ready. I was determined to use my time wisely so I made up this hard-core ten minute Autumn Arms Workout. We still need pretty, strong arms for Autumn even if we aren’t wearing those tank tops from the summer!

autumn arms

I did this and definitely felt the burn! It is the perfect workout if you don’t have much time! Make use of every minute you have! If you do this workout, let me know your thoughts. I would love some feedback!

Now I have to go get ready for Kaleigh’s (my brother’s fiance) bachelorette party tonight! They get married in two weeks!! 🙂 I hope everyone has a great Saturday!


1. What do you do if you have a bad run? Are you hard on yourself after a bad run?

2. Favorite body part to workout? 

3. What fun thing are you doing today? 



  1. I think you turned it around quite nicely! It’s important to keep these things in perspective! Sleep and food are two of the biggest reasons for a good or bad run, so I’m glad you realized that and were able to move on with your day! I’m not someone who really dwells on things like that much. I try to not think about it at all which really doesn’t help me a whole lot either…

  2. Bad runs do happen, but that’s what makes it challenging and fun for us to get back out there and try again 🙂 I agree food and sleep are huge factors in how my run will go. Now that the fall weather is here, it’s easier to get the sleep under control because I don’t have to go to bed super early. I love that you aren’t even training for anything but keeping up with long runs 🙂

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