MIMM-Family Weekends Are the Best!

This past weekend was definitely marvelous, which calls for a Marvelous in my Monday!


Thanks Katie for hosting!

Saturday started with about a 7 and a half mile run, breakfast, and some house cleaning. The fun part started when my parents came over and picked me up so that we could go here.


We went to Luke’s Locker so my Dad and I could get some much needed new running shoes! The bottoms of my shoes were really worn, and I was overdue for a new pair. I have ran in Nikes for a long time now, but I finally decided I needed to get a better pair that would do better for long runs and last longer. Luke’s Locker had so many workers all there to help you find out what shoe will work best for you! My dad and I had a very helpful young lady help us, and we were so grateful for her expertise. If you follow me on Instagtram you already saw my cool new kicks, but here they are!


They are Mizuno Waveriders, and I seriously love these shoes so much! Not only do they obviously look awesome (if you can’t tell, I don’t like bright shoes that stick out 😉 ), but they feel great! It took me forever to finally choose this pair; I mean come on, running shoes is a big, important purchase, so I am going to make sure I get the absolute perfect ones. I don’t want to get home and wish I had got another pair. I tried on at least 10 pairs of shoes, and every single pair I tried on I ran all around the store to see how they felt. One of the workers told me by the end, “I think you have ran 5 miles in here”. What can I say, I take my running seriously!

I finally narrowed it down to the Mizuno Waveriders and a pair of Brooks. I determined that the Mizunos definitely felt better, but the pair I tried on were pink and black, and I’m not really one for black running shoes. (I’m not sure why; maybe it’s because my high school basketball coach told me black shoes make you look slower and I was already slow enough? I guess I”ll never know!) So I asked the lady who was helping us if they had the exact shoe in a different color. When she brought out these orange babies, my eyes lit up. I knew I had found my shoe. 🙂

And what better way to celebrate my Dad and I getting new shoes than with ice cream?


There was a blue bell seriously right next door to Luke’s Locker; that means we have to stop there right? 🙂 I had just a plain bowl of Blue Bell vanilla yogurt, and it was delicious!

When my parents and I got back to my house my Mom went grocery shopping with me while I got our groceries for the week before they headed back to their house. I loved having someone to join me on my weekly shopping trip! When Ryan got home from work we enjoyed some honey barbecue meatloaf for dinner with green beans and sweet potatoes.


This meal is one of our favorites! It is so good, and not that hard! Plus, the leftovers are just as good!

Sunday morning started out with an easy 2 mile run and then about 20 minutes of stretching and yoga poses. Sundays are my rest day, and I normally don’t run that day, but I had just got new running shoes, which meant running was a necessity. Besides, I really liked having a short, easy run. It felt good for my legs to move, and an easy short run like that might become regular for my rest days from now on. After stretching I tried a new pancake recipe.


Spinach blueberry pancakes!! I know these look gross because they are green, but I could not even taste the spinach! I topped mine with peanut butter, bananas, and strawberries.


Oh this tasted so good! Plus, it kept me full for hours and kept me from getting hungry at church. That happens pretty often to me, so that’s a bigger deal than you might think.

I got this recipe from VMFitness Instagram account. Thanks Josie!

After church Ryan and I went to my parents house for lunch, where my mom fed us a delicious Sunday lunch!


There was barbecue chicken, pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, corn, and salad. Everything was so good! For dessert my mom made brownies, and I enjoyed a small piece.

The rest of the afternoon was spent here with the Hubs and the parents.


Don’t my parents have an absolutely beautiful pool? I absolutely love swimming here in the summer time! It’s hard to beat just floating and talking with your family all day in the pool while getting a tan. I have so many fun memories in this pool!

Eventually we all got hungry so we went inside and my Mom grilled everyone some burgers. I ate mine on top of a big salad filled with spinach leaves, corn, rice, guacamole, and some Almond Thin crackers.


Sorry for the super bad picture with horrible lighting. But I eventually cut up the burger, broke the crackers, and mixed everything up into a delicious mess.


I love salads like this!

After dinner Ryan and I had to leave to go home because I needed to get to bed early because I started school again today! This is my last semester of college until I graduate in December! Yay! I seriously can’t wait! I was a student teacher last semester, but I only student taught two days a week. This semester I student teach five days a week, so it’s the real deal! (Without any paycheck obviously). I go back to my University twice a month for seminar, but besides that I will be at the elementary school. I am at a different school this semester than I was last spring since Ryan and I moved though, so everything is new to me this semester. It is exciting though, and everything went great today so I think it will be a good semester! I will have to keep y’all updated!

That was my marvelous weekend! Spending time with family is always marvelous! But I just looked back through this post and noticed that all of the pictures I took were of food and shoes. Haha, sorry! I will get better at taking picture with actual people. 🙂


1. What is your favorite type of running shoe? Mizuno Waverider now for me!

2. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Vanilla! Can’t beat a classic 🙂

3. Favorite summertime activity with your family? 



  1. Mizunos ❤ I'm in love. I liked the wave riders a lot but the inspires are better for my very flat feet. Your weekend sounds fantastic! Nothing better than family, running shoes, pool time, and ice cream!

    1. I love to hear people who like Mizunos since I have never used them. I have been so happy with them! And I have the biggest arches in my feet ever, seriously, so I don’t know if the Inspires would be good for me.

  2. Brooks are my shoe of choice ❤ Cookie dough is my favorite ice cream flavor! Your weekend looked fabulous! I am beyond jealous of the pool. So, I am curious.. did you move closer to your family, or further from them, or just back home? I don't think I ever really heard!

    1. I didn’t move back home, but I didn’t really move any further from them or closer. I used to live on campus where I went to school, then I moved home for a few weeks before the wedding, and after we got married Ryan and I moved into our new house. It is just as far from my parents’ house as my school was, it is just in the opposite direction. It’s about 40 minutes away, so I don’t usually see them during the week, but weekend trips are easy! Plus, my parents live in a really small town where there is basically nothing, so if they need to go out and run errands they usually have to drive to the area where we live, which is convenient. 🙂

  3. Thanks so much for coming by my site! I love meeting new bloggers and their sites to follow!

    Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I love my Asic Gel-Nimbus 14! I have heard some awesome things about Mizuno though and have thought about trying them out!

    I love Chocolate ice cream { I normally stick to chocolate froyo} nomm!!!

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