If Only We Didn’t Have to go to Work…

Sometimes I often think how nice it would be if we never had to go to work. I know this is horrible because I honestly am so thankful and grateful that Ryan has a job, and that he can support and provide for us. This is a huge gift from God, but days like yesterday where Ryan and I are both off and we can relax together are so nice!

The Lord blessed Ryan with a job that he was able to start immediately after our honeymoon, and this was a HUGE answered prayer! It provides Ryan with full benefits, and Ryan is able to completely support both of us since I can’t work until I graduate in December. We don’t get to see each other as often as we used to, so we make the most of the days we are both off! Yesterday was a perfect day in my book! 🙂 Plus, if you follow me Instagram, you saw what I was wearing yesterday.


I was able to wear some of my favorite types of clothes all day, and I never had to put makeup on. That makes me happy. 🙂

We started off the morning by going to Ryan’s old bank because he had never closed his old account. Afterwards we came home for lunch, and I decided to make us avocado chicken salad. I saw this recipe on Pinterest a while back, and I have been wanting to make it for a long time, so yesterday I finally did. I didn’t exactly follow the recipe at all  though, but I still used it to get started. I eliminated some of her ingredients, added in some of my own seasonings, and added in a little bit of hot sauce. The result:

avocado chicken salad

DELICIOUS! I love avocado, so this was hard to beat. I ate mine on top of a bed of spinach and onion, and then veggies on the side with hummus.


I wrapped Ryan’s up in a whole wheat tortilla and toasted it in our Panini Maker to make it hot! (I didn’t get a picture of his though 😦 )

After our food settled we decided we wanted to do something active, and I was happy when Ryan agreed to my favorite type of exercise and sport. You might be thinking running is obviously my favorite, but actually it isn’t. Tennis holds a special place in my heart and ranks number 1 for me. 🙂 Luckily for me I married a man who also loves the game, so when it’s not 115 degrees outside, we both love to play!

tennis match

I was totally going to get a picture of us at the courts, but I somehow forgot my phone and Ryan left his in the car, so a typical selfie in the car had to do.  We had an intense and sweaty Billups vs. Billups tennis match! It was still super hot, so we only got in one set. And I guess I will add in that I won 6-4. 🙂 Good try though babe; maybe next time 😉

After tennis we rested for a little bit before doing a few exercises with our resistance bands. Finally we relaxed for the night with dinner and watched the movie, “Without a Paddle”.

I really did enjoy the movie, but Ryan didn’t think I was paying attention because I was also working on changing the layout of my blog. (I totally was paying attention though!) Speaking of this, what do y’all think of TheSavedRunner’s new look?? I would love some feedback!

So basically, yesterday was a perfect day with my husband! Today he is at work, but I have been able to get in a run this morning, clean both of our bathrooms, clean the kitchen, wash and fold our towels, and fold and put up our clothes! I take Saturday as a day to get in my long run and try my best to clean and prepare for the next week. I love if I can get all of our clothes and towels clean and put up before Monday. Plus, I love having a clean house to start the week. I am not able to clean every weekend, but if I can I try.


This is obviously how I dress when I clean our house. 🙂 (I hope y’all caught the sarcasm there)

I had to get all of the cleaning I wanted to get done this morning though, because this afternoon I am going out to look for new running shoes!!!!!! 🙂 That sentence required so many explanation points and a smiley face so that y’all can understand how happy this makes me. Running shoes are my favorite, and when I get new ones I get really excited! This time is really special though because since my Dad has gotten into running he is going with me to get himself some new kicks too! My mom will come along as well just to be with us. I love spending quality time with my parents!

Billups wedding 7238

I know I keep teasing y’all with wedding pictures every now and then, sorry! I am working on my wedding post and will publish it soon!

I hope everyone else enjoys their Saturday!


1. What is the perfect day for you?

2. Do you like to clean and get ready for the week on Saturdays/weekends?

3. What room do you clean the most in your house? I am always cleaning our kitchen and bathrooms because I can’t stand for these rooms to get too dirty! 

4. Do you get excited when you get new running shoes or any type of shoe? 

5. Favorite running shoe? I don’t know mine, I have always had Nikes, but I want to get a better kind this time. I am thinking either Brooks or Mizunos. 



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