Faith in My Friday-That’s Just Life

It has been quite a while since I have taken part in Melissa’s “Faith in my Friday”, so I am glad to join back in!

Faith in my Friday pic

Okay, time to be real and be honest. I have not spent time in God’s Word once this week. I am not proud of this, and typing it makes me feel horrible. But I say this so that everyone understands that it is something I struggle with. It is so easy to get busy with other things, things that are even good things, and not make time to read and listen to God’s Word. I have prayed much this week, but I know that is me talking to God. In order to let Him speak to me, I have to read His Word. I feel like many people struggle with making the time to sit down and read the Bible (maybe I’m totally wrong and everyone has it all together except me) just because in today’s world it’s all about go, go go! But that’s not what the Lord says it is about.

“He says, ‘Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.'” Psalm 46:10

In case you don’t know, I am the type of person who has a hard time sitting still. I like to always be moving and always be doing something. This verse is a constant reminder to me.

There is always something that needs to be done: work, cleaning, cooking, blogging, hanging out with friends, spending time with family, volunteer work, etc. I mean, let’s face it, the list could go on and on. If we didn’t need sleep, I am sure we could all find something to consume our lives with all 24 hours of the day! Sometimes I wonder how I can possibly get everything done that I need and want to do. Well I have finally learned, that’s just life.

to do

Life is busy, there are many things to do, and in the midst of everything we are supposed to keep things in perspective and know that God comes first. Because after all, He has given us everything else, and He is all that matters! This past summer was filled with Ryan and I getting married, moving into our first home, getting organized, cleaning, working, writing thank you letters, seeing family and friends when we could, working out, and studying for my teacher certification test. Because of all of this I didn’t get to start blogging this summer until this past week. Well, that’s just life. 

When life gets super busy, I mean it’s always busy, but sometimes things just seem to get even more hectic, I have learned that I have to prioritize my time and my activities. The Lord needs to always come first. If He is not first, something is wrong. When I am not putting the Lord first I can usually always tell.

put God first

After God, Ryan, my husband comes next. As his wife, I want and need to submit to Him. Time I get to spend with Him is important, and I love and cherish this time very much.


Sidenote: This is a picture from our honeymoon; I will have a post about our honeymoon soon! 🙂

Next, is my family and then friends. These are the people God has placed in my life, and they have blessed me so much. My family and friends provide me with love, support, and guidance. I can’t let these people disappear from my life.

After I do the things that are necessary, but not always as fun in life (school, work, clean, etc), I can make the time for fun activities that I love. This includes, working out, blogging, reading, looking through Pinterest, etc. I really did try all summer to get back into blogging, but the way I had to prioritize my time, it just didn’t fit in. I really do love writing on here though, and I love communicating with other bloggers and making and maintaing friendships with some amazing people! I looked back at a lot of my older posts this morning, and it is funny to me how my blog has changed since I first started it. I used to write long posts every single day, trying to document everything I ate or every workout I did. It finally changed to shorter posts that also included my life, my faith, with some food, recipes, and workouts thrown in when I felt like it. That’s when I started to love my blog. When I quit making my blog all about a certain subject, but instead just about my life and what I enjoyed. I enjoy reading blogs when I actually get to know the reader and they open up. I hope I have done that for y’all. I hope y’all can see that I am a regular young lady, trying to live her life for Christ to the best of her ability, trying to be healthy in a not so healthy world, trying to love and serve my husband as I should, and trying to be the daughter, sister, and friend that God wants me to be to everyone in this world. I have learned that I might not be able to blog every day, but that’s just life. I do love writing here though, so I am hoping I can write here regularly. 🙂

So, what the Lord is showing me is that when I don’t have time for everything it is okay, as long as I am keeping things prioritized as they should be, and keeping Him first in my life. God has blessed me abundantly, and everything I have is His, so everything I do needs to be devoted to Him. That is why I have devoted my blog to Him, and if one day there are other things I need to do for the Lord besides blog, I just have to go with it because that’s just life. 🙂


1. Do you ever have a problem just being still and being with God?

2. Is it ever hard for you to find time to read God’s Word in today’s busy world?

3. What do you think of my blog? Do I include enough about myself? Is there more y’all as readers would like to know about me or something else I should write about? 

4. Has God been laying anything on your heart lately? 



  1. I have the same problem! And it didn’t get easier after the wedding. There is always something to fill your time with. I have to absolutely forbid myself from picking up my current book or the computer before I pick up my Bible. And afterwards, I’m so glad I did!

    1. I am the same way! If I actually make myself sit down and get into the Bible, then I am always happy I did. Then I’m always like why don’t I do this more often if I love it so much? But you are definitely right, there is definitely always something else you could be doing. That’s why we have to choose God over everything else.

  2. I cannot sit still ever.. I feel like I should be doing something else, so I’m with you! I personally agree about getting to know the reader. I enjoy sharing parts of my life, and those are my favorite bloggers that I follow. I want to tell people what I do and share different ideas. sure I could probably focus on just making recipe after recipe, but that’s not me, so it wouldn’t even show who I am!

  3. Sorry I missed this post! I can so relate to this. There is so much going on in life, and blogging is of course just another to do sometimes. I’m glad you see that your blog can be lower on priorities but still be a joy. I feel the same way. I also have a lot of trouble being still before the Lord. A lot of the time I feel Him calling me to just sit and listen but I’m all like gotta go! Praying He grows us both in that area!

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