Engagement Pictures!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday morning. I just finished watching church online. Today’s message was about parents and their relationships with their children. I don’t have kids, but I still enjoyed hearing the message, and since I want to have kids someday it was good for me to hear.

So today I have my last bridal shower! Last week I had two showers and two weeks ago I had a lingerie shower that Marlee, my maid of honor, had for me. So basically every weekend so far in April I have had a shower, and it has been a BLAST!! So I am kind of sad that today is my last one, but I know that means Ryan and I are getting even closer to getting married, and that is even better! 🙂 (Just in case you are wondering, we get married in 1 month and 17 days!!)

About a month ago Ryan and I had our engagement pictures taken, and in honor of my last shower, I thought today would be a good day to post some a lot of our engagement pictures. Our photographer, Tyler, was absolutely awesome and you can check out his website here.

So here are some of my favorites! You probably don’t want to look at all of them, so scroll through as fast or as slow as you like! 🙂

Becky + Ryan 1 Becky + Ryan 4 Becky + Ryan 12 Becky + Ryan 14 Becky + Ryan 16 Becky + Ryan 26 Becky + Ryan 28 Becky + Ryan 35 Becky + Ryan 37 Becky + Ryan 39

Am I the only one who feels weird taking serious pictures? I feel like this is not natural for me at all, because I a naturally smile. And I would much rather be having fun then acting serious. 🙂

Becky + Ryan 46 Becky + Ryan 50 Becky + Ryan 52 Becky + Ryan 54

Also, since we weren’t taking our engagement pictures until March, our friend Becca, who is a photography major, took our save the date photos. They turned out awesome! You can check out her blog here.

Save the Date

I hope you all have a great Sunday!


Do you love pictures? I do!

Did you do a Save the Date? Where did you get your idea? I got mine from Pinterest! 🙂




  1. Awww these pictures are all so darling!!! You have such a bright and huge smile! I love it. 😉 And seriously, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and I totally feel you on that bittersweet feeling of having certain things (like showers) come to and end, but I assure you that other greater things are always in store so look forward to those.

  2. These are great! I love the outdoor location! So rustic and “vintage” feeling. Your save the date photos are to die for! So cute!!

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