Cupid Run 5K


So yesterday I wrote about how I hadn’t felt too good this past week and a half. Well today, I finally went to the doctor, and it turns out I have bronchitis. 😦 I got some medicine, but unfortunately I can’t work out for the next few days until I am better. That’s okay though, I have to take care of my body! Since I couldn’t workout today, I thought I could just think about one of my past races to try to fulfill my desire to run πŸ™‚

Back in February I ran in a 5K race with my wonderful Dad and had a blast!2013-02-10 07.58.49

This race was the weekend before Valentines so they let people sign up as a couple. What they did was add up the two people’s age to put them in an age group and then add their times together. For instance, my Dad is 51 and I was 20 at the time of this race, so our age together was 71. We were in the age division of 70-80 years. (Of course all of the people who competed in this age division were couples whose ages together added up to between 70 and 80, no one person in our age division was that old, haha). I love just getting to run in a race with my dad, but us running together as a team made it even more special to me!

I was happy with my run. I can’t remember my exact time, but it was 21:40 something or 21:50 something. (It has been too long since then!)

2013-02-10 08.26.26

This was towards the end of the race, and I’m pretty sure I saw Ryan so I looked at him and smiled and I think that’s when my Mom took this picture. πŸ™‚


My dad also ran really well in this race. I can’t remember his exact time either, but I want to say it was 27 something or in the low 28’s. After I finished I ran back and found him so that I could finish the run with him.

2013-02-10 08.30.29

I was so proud of him! Together, we got 2nd in our age division!! We were so happy and even got medals! Plus they gave us a box of chocolates for Valentines Day.

2013-02-10 09.13.56 2013-02-10 09.13.01

My Dad and I definitely want to do another race like this. We also couldn’t have ran as well without our awesome cheer team there for us. Of course Ryan and my Mom came to support us.

2013-02-10 07.58.35
2013-02-10 09.14.27

And of course Ryan and I had to take a silly picture in the car.

2013-02-10 07.18.31

Then a cute picture. πŸ™‚

2013-02-10 07.18.39

Besides my Mom and Ryan, my PawPaw (my grandpa on my Dad’s side), also came out to support us that morning.

2013-02-10 07.58.24

I love my PawPaw so much! He is such a sweetie! Him and my MawMaw used to live far away so they were not able to come watch things like this very often. Last summer they moved closer to us, so we have all really enjoyed getting to see them more.

After the race there were a ton of booths set up with free drinks and little giveaways so we walked around for a bit before leaving.

Since my Dad has gotten into running lately he is doing 5K’s almost every other weekend. I wish I could run in all of them with him, but I am so busy with school and the wedding right now I can’t. Hopefully after the wedding I can start running with him more. I would also (maybe) like to start training for a marathon after the wedding! I need a new challenge!



  • What race are you training for now or do you want to start training for soon?Β 
  • Do you like to find new races to challenge yourself?
  • Would you rather run in a shorter race or a longer race?Β 


If I am running by myself I would rather run in a longer race, but I like running in the shorter ones with my Dad, friends, or other people.


















  1. This is soooooo cute! Oh gosh I would love my dad to run with me! Ah so exciting! I have no races to get ready for : ( There aren’t too many around me! Boo I’d like to run a race in between πŸ™‚

    1. If you ever get the chance to run with your dad, you definitely should. It was so fun! And I understand being sad that you don’t have any races to train for. I am sad that I don’t have anything to train for right now either, but we are both busy wedding planning anyways! πŸ™‚

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