Day 2 Sugar Detox Challenge

Okay, this is going to be a quick post; I’m hoping to hit the sack early tonight and catch up on some sleep! Today was a pretty typical Tuesday for me. I student taught at school all day, got some groceries, cooked dinner, taught a cycle class, and then did homework for class tomorrow. Time just seems to fly by on busy days like these! I was hoping I would have time to do my own workout along with the 50 minute cycle class I taught, but by the time I went grocery shopping, cooked, and did homework I just ran out of time. But that is perfectly okay! I am learning that you have to prioritize, and that  some workout days just have to be shorter than others. Besides, I make my cycling classes pretty challenging, so I still got a good workout. 🙂

Today was day 2 of the Sugar Detox Challenge, and so far it is going good! I do have one question though, is greek yogurt okay to eat? I hope so, because I ate it today and yesterday! If it’s not, then I will cut it out from now on. I thought it would be okay because Greek yogurt is all natural, which makes the sugars natural, but I wanted to be safe and go ahead and ask. 🙂 For breakfast I had some oatmeal with a banana, strawberries, and natural peanut butter mixed in. I seriously never get tired of oatmeal!

2013-03-23 08.53.47

For lunch I packed a salad made up of spinach leaves, tomato, bell pepper, 1/4 of an avocado, a few chopped walnuts, and grilled chicken. On the side I also enjoyed a delicious apple.

2013-04-02 07.32.58

Since I have started student teaching and packing my lunch every day, I go through so much tubber ware! I am constantly washing different pieces.

My snack was some greek yogurt with almonds, chopped walnuts, and half of a banana. So hopefully greek yogurt is okay? Someone please let me know! 🙂

My dinner was some leftover Mexican chicken from last night, roasted brussels sprouts, and steamed broccoli.

2013-04-02 17.47.50

Obviously, I am definitely a veggie lover, so I am really enjoying this sugar detox so far. I am realizing how much I don’t need all of those foods with extra sugars and how much I enjoy the natural foods that aren’t processed with sugar. I went to Wal Mart today to get some groceries for the week, and I got loaded up on veggies and fruits for the week! Score!

After cycle I wanted a snack so I mixed some PB2, a banana, and some cinnamon. It definitely hit the spot! For all of my fellow friends who are taking part in the Sugar Detox Challenge, you should try this out! It was sooooo good!!

2013-04-02 19.49.26

Tomorrow I am hoping to do some sprints for the Forever Fitness Challenge!

Are you doing or have you ever done a sugar detox? What are or what were some of your favorite recipes you ate? Can you eat Greek yogurt?

Do you feel guilty when you can’t work out as long as you want to? I know I do a lot, but I am trying to get better at not feeling guilty for having rest days or just having short workout days.

What is your favorite post workout snack?


P.S. Tomorrow I might be posting me and Ryan’s proposal story! 🙂 It’s really good, so stay tuned! 😉



  1. I’ve never done a sugar detox but I did give up sodas for lent, and it was hard! I hadn’t realized how dependent I had become on drinking them. I thought “oh, that’s just one, no big deal” but it was a lot more than I had thought. I drank my first one again on Monday and I couldn’t even finish it, like it didn’t even taste right. So weird.

    I tried greek yogurt for the first time yesterday, it reminds me a lot of sour cream. But it kept me fuller for a lot longer than other yogurts, so I’m going to have to grab some more during my next grocery run.

    I love that you eat a lot of vegetables! Up until joining Forever Fitness Challenge with Abs my vegetable intake was practically non-existent so I’m still trying new things and figuring out what I like. (My goals are to eat healthier).

  2. That is awesome that you are starting to eat more vegetables for the Forever Fitness Challenge! I used to not eat as many as I do now, so trust me, if you start eating them regularly, it can definitely become a healthy habit! Also, congrats on giving up sodas for a while; that is so good for you!

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