Faith in My Friday!

So I first saw Faith in my Friday on Christina’s blog, thetinyrunner, which led me to Melissa’s blog, freeingimperfections. I thought this was really cool, so I thought, why  not work this into my own blog? Besides, I think it would be really awesome if a big group of bloggers starting sharing about their Faith every Friday together!

1. Quiet Time

I have been reading Proverbs for a while now, and this morning I read Proverbs 15. I first decided to focus on Proverbs because it speaks so much about how women and wives should act, so since I will be getting married in June, I thought it would be a great book in the bible to focus on for a while. Proverbs 15 spoke about wisdom, correction, having a cheerful heart, fearing the Lord, and humility. There is really so much to take out of this one chapter. One of my favorite verses from today was Proverbs 15:33:”Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the Lord, and humility comes before honor.” This seems so simple, but it means so much! In order to be wise, we must fear the Lord. I have learned that wisdom is not something someone attains easily or many people have. Wisdom is searching for God and obeying his will at all cost because you know He is all knowing and all powerful. If one does not fear the Lord and understand His power, might, and majesty, then he or she cannot possibly have wisdom. Wisdom only comes from God.

The second part of Proverbs 15:33 is so important too. “…and humility comes before honor.” This is much easier said than done. I feel that so often I feel as if I deserve something or some type of treatment, when this could be no further from the truth. Jesus Christ was crucified! He served the lowest of people! Who am I to think I deserve any better treatment than my Savior, the Almighty King and Creator! If I want to have honor in Heaven, I need to humble myself here on Earth. That means serving others and giving up the idea that I deserve anything.

2. Group Bible Study

Last night Ryan and I went to a bible study that we have been going to the past couple of weeks with some other young couples. We are going through the study, Radical, by David Platt. Every week we watch a DVD of David Platt together and then discuss it. I have really been challenged the last two weeks while listening to the DVD. David Platt continues to ask the question, “Do you believe this book?” He is referring to the bible, and goes on to say that if we really believe the bible we wouldn’t be able to keep living the comfortable lives we live now. The bible says numerous times that those who have not given their lives over to Him will spend eternity in Hell. If we really believe this, then as Christians, why aren’t we doing more to try to reach out and save the lost? Of course, we cannot save them with our own power, but God wants to use us to save them!

Also, if we believe the Bible, why don’t we have more compassion on the poor? Millions of people are dying every day from starvation, disease, and lack of clean water, while most of us here in America live comfortable, easy lives, where when we run out of food all we have to do is run to the grocery store. And when I say run, I mean get in a nice car and ride to the store. Pretty tough life, huh? I know I don’t consider myself to be rich in any sense, but compared to the rest of the world, I am rich. God has blessed me so that He can use me to bless others. I need to take this seriously and really consider what I can be doing to care for the poor and reach out to the lost. I pray that God can give me a heart to care for and love the people of this world like He does.

When we were driving back from bible study last night I started telling Ryan that I just wanted to give up everything we had and go live in a third world country. I just felt horrible for letting all of these worldly things become so important to me. Ryan reminded me that right now God has us where He wants us for a reason. Maybe someday Ryan and I will be able to go serve the Lord in a different region, but right now God wants to use me where I am. I just need to continue to pray and be obedient to whatever He calls me to do. This isn’t easy in the least bit, but I will try.

What have you been reading in your quiet time?

Are you involved in any type of bible study?

What has God been showing you or revealing to you in your quiet time or bible study?

Happy Friday y’all!! 🙂



  1. I love the book Radical! SO GOOD and so full of truth! I went on a missions trip to The Amazon last may for a few weeks and it changed my life. Missions are extremely important in spreading the gospel and I think a lot of times people in America lose sight of that. I feel that the Lord has called Brian and I into military missions for this next season of our lives- I don’t know what will happen after that! I am reading David Platt’s new book called Follow Me. ( I read like 4 books at a time haha). I just started Follow Me a few weeks ago but the first few chapters were really great!

  2. I just started reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and I post a picture on my instagram every morning to start my day. Then I use that picture as my phone background to remind me about it through the day. It’s been going well!

  3. New to your blog!
    I have also been reading a Psalm and Proverb everyday in my quiet time and it is so convicting! Right now the Lord is really convicting me to praise Him with my own mouth! So often I think “thank you Lord, you are so amazing and worthy to be praised”, but how often to do I SAY it out loud, or tell another person!! I want to declare His goodness to the whole world!!

  4. Curly Pink Runner, you are so right about proclaiming the Lord’s praise with our mouths. I know I should definitely do this more. We serve such a mighty God, why not tell the whole world about Him? 🙂

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