More of a Family Packed, Wedding Planning Weekend

This past weekend was so busy I couldn’t write about it all in my last blog post! Since I got so behind on blogging after this busy week I need to get caught back up! So let’s start with last Saturday.

Ryan and I stayed at his brother and sister-in-law’s house on Friday night so we got to see them and his precious nieces and nephew. Ryan’s parents also came to visit for the weekend so it was one full house! I loved every minute of it! 🙂 For breakfast Ryan’s dad went out and got everyone donuts. I enjoyed one blueberry donut, one pig in the blanket (some people say kolache, but pig in the blanket is just so much more fun!), and two donut holes. It was good, but donuts never keep me full long because it is just full of empty calories and sugar. (Also, I haven’t told Ryan’s family about my blog yet, so I didn’t take any pictures of my food when I was with them. I will tell them soon so I can start taking more pictures around them!)

Since my breakfast didn’t keep me full long I was ready for lunch when it rolled around. Ryan and I had lunch with his parents at an Italian restaurant called Luigi’s where we were thinking about having our rehearsal dinner. I had eaten there many times and loved it, but Ryan and his parents had never ate there so I wanted them to all taste it. We all thought the food was delicious, and we loved the atmosphere so we went ahead and booked it! Yay for one more thing crossed off of the wedding to-do list! 🙂 There is also a huge room that is used for large parties in the restaurant that can fit up to 80 people, so that will be nice for us!

After lunch Ryan and I went to Al’s Formal Wear to see if we could get prices for him and his groomsmen’s tuxes. We weren’t planning on buying anything or making any decisions, but they had a deal where all of the groomsmen could save $40 if we went ahead and signed a contract, so we did! One more thing crossed off the to-do list! What can I say, we were feeling productive! We were feeling so productive Ryan even got a haircut when we were out! We get things done!! 😉

After that, Ryan and I headed to my grandparents house to meet my family for dinner. As we were driving Ryan and I realized we had spent so much time in the last couple of days driving. We were a little tired of being on the road, and poor Ryan drove the whole time so he was really tired!


I tried to get a picture of him while he was driving and he just gave me this look that said, “Why are you taking a picture of me? I am just tired of driving and definitely don’t want to pose for any pictures!” I told him it was all for the sake of the blog. 😉

We were the last ones to get to my grandparents’ house so we got a big greeting from everyone as we walked in. Both sets of my grandparents were there, my parents, Ben, Kaleigh, and my Uncle Joe! We enjoyed a yummy dinner of Dickey’s barbecue. I had a barbecue sandwich, some beans, a little macaroni and cheese, and a couple of small pieces of ham. Again, I totally forgot to take a picture!

I definitely enjoyed eating and catching up with my family, especially Ben and Kaleigh since I don’t see them as much since they live far off. IMG_1377

Below is the whole gang! From the top left you see my PawPaw, MawMaw, my Dad, Mom, and Mammy. From the bottom left you see Ryan, Ben, Kaleigh, Pappy and Uncle Joe. My PawPaw and MawMaw are my Dad’s parents, and Mammy and Pappy are my Mom’s parents, and Joe is my Mom’s brother. And I am not pictured because I am the photographer for this picture! 🙂

IMG_1373 IMG_1376

My MawMaw and PawPaw recently moved close to us, so trips like this just to come see them for a few hours and to eat dinner are a treat since before this summer we would have never been able to do this.

A little bit after we ate my parents, Ben, Kaleigh, Ryan, and I all went back to my parents’ house for the night. We all stayed up for a while talking and catching up, but the best part of the night was when Kaleigh left the room and brought me back a present.


Kaleigh gave me a gift asking me to be a bridesmaid in her and Ben’s wedding!! 🙂 She had already asked me to be a bridesmaid, but she said this was my official invitation. Of course I was so excited! The bag included a cute pen, a chocolate bar, some tissues (in case I cry during the wedding, which is very likely since I’m a cryer), and three different shades of blush. All of the bridesmaids are in charge of buying their own dresses, so the three shades of blush are to show all of us what colors of dress we can get. Such a cute idea! I love my future sister-in-law!


This weekend Ben also asked Ryan to be a groomsmen!! Ryan and I were both so excited! I sure do love weddings! 🙂 Ben didn’t have a cute bag with gifts and an invitation for Ryan when he asked him to be in their wedding. I guess guys don’t do that. 😉


I’m so glad the four of us could be together this weekend!


It was also great to spend some time with these two this past weekend!

Sunday my family and I slept in, and I enjoyed a delicious bowl of oatmeal with my Daddy for breakfast.


I put in half of a banana, strawberries, blueberries, and walnuts into my oats to make one big bowl of deliciousness! Oatmeal is always so much better at my parents’ house because they have food that makes it so much better, like blueberries and walnuts! Plus, eating breakfast with my Daddy is always special!

After breakfast we decided to watch church online so we wouldn’t have to get out. The message was about not having any idols, and this is when God really convicted me. But that is good, I needed that conviction so that I can change a few things to keep God first in my life.

After church I enjoyed a small snack of crackers, turkey lunchmeat, and strawberries.


For lunch my Mom fixed all of us some delicious chili. I added some crackers, and I chopped up some onion, squash, mushrooms, and carrots to add to my chili. I did this a few weeks ago and loved the added veggies! It made me get full without having to eat so much of the actual chili. (Huge health tip from me: always load up on veggies! This way you get full without eating all of the other stuff that isn’t as good for you.) I also had a few crackers with guacamole before our meal as a little appetizer. Since we had guacamole, I decided to be a little different and added some of that to my chili too. The verdict: amazing! Is guacamole ever bad? I don’t think so! 🙂

We spent the rest of the afternoon talking with my family until Ryan and I headed back to our homes. (I will try to always say “homes” so that no one thinks we live together. Ryan and I do not live together, but if I ever say we are heading home, I just mean we are heading back to the town we both live in. I just wanted to clear up any confusion. 🙂 )

I spent the rest of my Sunday working on my thesis (yes I am an undergrad student, but I have to do a thesis for the scholarship I have), eating dinner, doing some school work, and relaxing with Ryan. We had a very busy weekend, but it was definitely fun. Because we got to see both of our families made it a very special weekend.

For today’s quiet time I read Proverbs 9. What really stood out to me was verse 10.

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10. Simple verses like this have such a deep meaning and remind me to continually seek the Lord simply because He deserves my attention and my life!


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