Family Fun, Wedding Planning, and Convictions

Wow I have been busy these last few days! I’m sorry I haven’t wrote since last Thursday; I haven’t had a free moment! We definitely have some catching up to do!

But before I get to my weekend, I want to share about something that has really convicted me. I have always struggled with maintaining my quiet time with God. I know I need to read God’s Word and spend time talking to Him every day, and I want to do this, but I always get too busy with things of this world, and I let less important things distract me. So basically, I make idols and put these things before God. The last several days I had been thinking, and I was afraid this blog was becoming an idol for me. I was making time to work out and blog, but not making time for God. I knew this wasn’t right, and I felt bad about it. God has a way of communicating to his people, so of course the sermon I listened to at church this past Sunday was about the commandment that states, “You shall have no other gods before me” Exodus 20:3. The preacher even specifically said some people let good things, such as health and fitness, become idols because they put these things above God. Oh my gosh, I felt like the preacher was talking specifically to me!! That was exactly what I needed to hear! I talked to Ryan about this and how I didn’t want this blog to ever come before God. Ryan gave me a great suggestion (have I mentioned how much I love him? πŸ™‚ ). He said that at the end of every blog I should write about my Quiet Time that day and what I read in God’s Word. He said this will help keep me accountable because I can’t blog if I don’t have my quiet time first, plus it would be a good witness for my readers. I loved this idea as soon as I heard it! So from now on, all of my blog posts will be like normal, except for at the end I will mention my quiet time that I had for that day. Readers, please be praying that I can stay consistent with my quiet time and being with the Lord. And please let me know on anything I can pray about for you!

Now, on to this past weekend! It was full of wedding planning and family time! I had to get up early Friday to get ready to leave so I didn’t have much time to workout, so I thought a quick tabata workout I got from Pinterest would do.

Tabata workouts are good when you don’t have much time since they only take four minutes. I did this tabata workout twice for a speedy eight minute workout! Hey, a short workout is better than no workout at all!

Ryan and I left a little before lunch time to head to meet his family. But before we met them we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to begin our wedding registry! It started out really fun, but after we were there a few hours, I was tired and ready to leave. Since I was ready to leave, I knew Ryan was ready! We had spent hours looking at nothing but kitchen stuff, but my sweet fiance never complained once! He’s a keeper! πŸ™‚ We registered for almost all of our kitchen stuff except appliances. We didn’t register for any bedroom or bathroom things though because I am not sure how I want to decorate these rooms.

Ryan told me before we entered the store that he wanted to get to hold the gun to register for the items. Before we left I told him I wanted to take his picture and this is the face I got:


He was ready to leave to say the least. I told him to act happy for the picture though:


He had the best attitude I think any man could have while shopping for kitchen supplies that long!


This picture about sums up how we both felt after registering for hours. We still have quite a bit more to register for, and we have to go to a couple of more stores. I don’t know how some people register for everything in one day! It is exhausting!

After Bed, Bath, and Beyond, we headed to a Mexican restaurant called, Mi Cocina, to meet Ryan’s family. I always love spending time with family!

Sadly, I didn’t do good at all taking pictures of my food Friday. I did get my breakfast:


Plain oatmeal with bananas and strawberries.

My mid-morning snack:


Kashi-Go Lean cereal with almonds.

For lunch I had a chicken sandwich made with leftover crock-pot chicken and an apple. I packed Ryan and I lunches so we ate on the road. This way, we could eat healthy and we didn’t have to buy lunch! Healthier and a way to spend money! Winning! I only took a picture of the apple though.


A snack on our way to dinner:


Carrots and hummus.

And I thought about taking a picture of my dinner at the restaurant, but I didn’t want Ryan’s family to think I was crazy. I will eventually be able to take pictures of my meals in front of people without being afraid of being judged. πŸ™‚ But for dinner I enjoyed two spinach burritos, sauteed vegetables, salad, and a few chips with salsa. Delcious, and I loved the spinach burritos because they didn’t leave me feeling absolutely stuffed like most Mexican food does.

Now for today’s quiet time. Right now I am reading the book of Proverbs. I decided to start reading this book because about a month ago my Mom was reading Proverbs and she was telling me how much this book has to say about wives and how they should act. Since I will be a wife in a little more than four months I thought I should concentrate on this book! I finished Proverbs 8 yesterday and read Proverbs 9 today. Two verses that really stood out to me were verses 10 and 11.

“Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.” Proverbs 8:10-11.

I absolutely love this because it is such a great reminder that we need to seek God and His will for our lives. All Christians should pray for wisdom and understanding. These things on earth that we so greatly desire will go away. Nothing is worth our time and lives except for Jesus Christ himself! But in order to live for God daily we need wisdom. If we ask God for wisdom, He will give this to us! We are so blessed to serve such an awesome, loving God who wants to share His wisdom and understanding with us; we just have to ask!



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